egg template ok?


i want to shape a egg for small muschy waves in germany. i want an easy paddeling and maneuverability board wich

catches waves like my minimal! i think an egg is the right shape! if i am wrong tell me please!

it’s my third board and it is the first one which is not a copy from an other good board.

so i read a lot and i tried my best in designing a small egg for 2 ft till headhigh conditions.

i am 5.7 and 145 lbs

could you please have a look at my design? espacially the outline and the scoop-rocker-line!

will it work in the conditions?

for the finsetup i planed a truster. and the bottom will be a light v all over.

sorry for my bad english!

thank you a lot!


maybe a tad wider in the tail, like 15 inches?

yah i agree with faded, maybe a bit wider and little more or a “rounded” tail instead of it being so pulled in

but thats just my thought

maybe something like this…

sorry i didnt upload the picture, here it is…

thank you very much!

like this???


i would still go with a more rounded tail, but its looking better!

I’d spin it round and it’d look better, a pulled in tail will sink a bit on slow waves. Sizewise it depends what your used to, I’d go smaller than that if your used to shortboards or fish. I’m a bit heavier than you and surf a 5’9", 21",2.5" I’ll go shorter and thinner next time .

so i make the tail wider. and i think it looks good!

what do you think about the rocker?? ok?

any other tips for fin setup?



put even more width in the tail.

flatten out the nose rocker a bit.

isn’t modell 4 not too big in the tail? i’m just 140 lbs!

rocker something like this?? 3.3/4 at the nose??

thanks klaus

You should change the tail to a diamond tail and instead of just making the tail wider 1’ up make the actual tail wider. Also the nose seems a bit wide. But that is just my 2 cents

Hey mate,

i made one recently for a customer. Attached should be the aku shaper file i used for my template. Maybe you can mirror some of the curves if you like them. The board is said to go really well, nice and smooth and picks up waves with ease. I made it as a single fin but a two plus one would probably be your best bet.

As far as rocker goes i would recommend shaping by eye to begin with. Find a blank that has a nice rocker curve in it and retain that curve so it looks pleasing with a bit of extra flick nose and tail to finish off. Going off one measurement on the nose and tail won’t really help in getting a nice curve throughout. Standing the blank against a wall will give you a good perspective and just keep picturing the water moving along it uninterrupted.

And theres my two bobs worth.

I have a question out of curiosity.

At what length does a board go from being an egg to a mini-mal?

once hatched! no, thats a good one… i’ve always classified 7’ + to be getting into the mini-mal range. Once they start getting a straighter oultine through the middle and losing that curvey egg shape they begin to resemble a mini mal more and that seems to begin to happen past 7 foot (unless its 23 inches wide).


@: rhythmsticks

nowing the rocker at nose makes scence for me, because i make the blank myselve with the hotwire.

here in germany it’s realy difficult to get a blank and i definetlily have no choice! so i make my own ones.