Egg VS. Double Ender !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I take a 6’6" x 20 1/2 egg ,what would be the difference in how it would ride if I make the tail and nose the same width,say 15"? On the opposing side how would it ride with a slightly wider nose,say 16"? So basically I’m curious how an egg with a wider nose would ride compared to a “double ender”? Also throw in the center width.If I move it foreward 1" or so ,how would that affect an egg or a “double ender”?

I’ve been riding eggs since 1970 during the Evo & Sea of Joy days. My old single fin eggs were 16x21x15 mostly 6’10" to 7"0" and the wide point was up 2". They worked great for the times especially with big round houses. But wider noses and narrower tails create more drawn out turns. Today I’ve changed my eggs to double endas tri fins! They are 6"6" 16x21x16 the wide points are in the center. The advantage is they go vert and there very quick. I’m 49 so I call them “power streering for old age” they let you do and learn moves that kids are doing. Also Wayne Lynch gave me the measurements of his double enda in Evolution it was 7’11" 17x22x17 wide point back 6" and thin. I shaped one and made it a thruster goes unreal and great alternative for longboards! Wayne was on the right track back then turn up and down and not out! Stay in the pocket!

Mccoy was and is the king of pocket surfing and I would offer a good compramise. A nugget by Mccoy. (not like I have not mentioned it before) I just got in 6 of them from 5’2’’ to 6’10’’ the 6’10’’ is 14x20.5x17. Beauty. These things paddle like longboards and rip like a shorty All single gull wings.

How would someone in Florida go about getting a nugget. Are you the man to see in Florida?

Actually I am the man in the U.S. unless you want a surftech nugget. I get them directly from Geoff. He also has one shaper he has been training over the last few years that can do them about $50.00 less expensive, but I would go with the Master. IF you want to see a picture send me your E mail address. I have three and I love them all. I sold the rest of my quiver and now pretty much ride Mccoys. I have never had a board that works in so many different conditions.

Atomtan, I sure would be interested in that picture. I’ve known about the nugget for a little while, I’m very curious about this board. Not quite ready to get another board, just yet , but this is most likely my next board. How much are they from you?

TerryLee, Send me your E mail address I have some pictures of the recent boards. I am working on Web sight. Mccoys handshaped by the Master himself are pricey. Shipping is a bear, but When I see the price of some of the cheaper built surfboards today it does not look so out of line. My 7’2’’ hardly has a pressure ding on it and I have had it for a year. The Mccoys go for between $765.00 and $775.oo (6’10’‘) I also have Tee Shirts, Extra gul fins smaller and larger and Cheyne Horan Keel fins. Is there a price to advertise here on swaylocks? I don’t want to break any rules here by mentioning my business operations. I love the 5’2’’ for someone who surfs good and weighs around 140-150 Keep in mind this batch has been especially made to compete against the modern shortboard, so they differ slightly from the stock nuggets.

Atom Tan, My e-mail is . Thanks, TL

terrylee, Are you in Florida Panhandle?