Eggfish balsasandwich.

Hi,all I just thought I’d share some photo’s and some info about my last board I’ve made. It’s made for a 40 year longboarder who wanted to ride something shorter. he pretty much decided the outline. It’s 185 cm long,54cm wide and 7.5 cm thick, he wanted to go thicker but told him 7.5 would be more than enough.He weigh 75 kilos . It’s made of 1.5 pound EPS core and 3mm balsa deck,2 mm balsa bottom and 4 oz s over and under balsa. I would personally go thinner, like 5 cm for more performance.I haven’t weight it but it feels light in my hands. No feedback on riding yet cause it is still waiting for it’s owner to be picked up.

jimmy yoshio shibata.

Couple of more pics…

Beautiful board!

Nice work, yoshio. Very nice

A beauty. I also spied a nice looking board in the racks and some in the process of being made. I’d love to see pics of the different stages of your work.

Hi Yoshio -

Great job… I noticed some “background” boards in one of the photos with perimeter wood attached. After cross section profiling, are you laminating deck and bottom over the perimeter wood and then building up your rails? Maybe you can fill us in? I.E. “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” or “?” as shown in Haavard’s post awhile back… Thanks!;post=246705;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;

EDIT - Sorry Yoshio. If I read all the way through I would have seen that you’re using method “B”

nice one jimmy

id love one

John, yes I’m doing "B"type rails. And what you see in the rocker photo is two hotwired blanks with the guide/templates still attached.

I’ ve had a board take in water where the tailblock was attached to the deckskin, I had obviously sanded through and it became a weak spot. So I am very careful sanding the rail/deck bondline now.

Jimmy yoshio shibata.

llilibel, don’t have pics of every stage at the moment, but will try to take some pics of every stage and post.

Jimmy yoshio shibata.

Thanks, paul.

I’m sure you can make one yourself, you should make one for your next project.

hey jimmy

i found on my laps i was getting pooled resin

so i sanded through cloth in places when sanding the rails

because the board flexes so much

thats where i get cracks.(and leaks)

on my current board i am using 6 oz tape and glassing the rails first with a rubber toughened epoxy

and then finish with a zipper lap.

Paul, could you explain the rubber toughened epoxy a little bit more?

Jimmy yoshio shibata.

hey jimmy

the tech guy at AT told me that additives are not a good idea in epoxies to make them flexible

he suggested a premade formulae

such as used in industrial flooring or yachts may be suitable

im to believe it will improve impact strength on the rails a great deal

however there might be a whole new set of problems

i ordered a one litre kit and will try it on the board im doing at the moment

i just not getting the time at the moment cuz of work and pumping surf