electric planer

hi guys… i want to start to shape my board and i need to know what kind of planer should i get… about the depth… does it matter?? (0.1,0.5,2.0)… what the minimum of depth do i have to have?

You want one that can cut deep but will take only a slight revolution on the knob to bring it to from X to 0. Also get one were the handle id more vertical than horizontal. Almost like a pstol grip. It makes it erganomically more comfortable to use. I have the horizontal grip and its damn uncomfortable.

I would recommend you get the Clark Foam modified Hitachi Planer. It has been modified for shaping boards. I first went and got a less expensive planer, which usually have shallow cuts, and ended up with a Clark/Hitachi. I could have put what I paid for the cheaper planer toward the Hitachi and saved on start up costs.

i like the Dewalt DW-680K planer. it isn’t designed specifically for surfboards (like the modified Hitachi from Clark), but it is a VERY high quality planer (NOT like the modified Hitachi from Clark). you can pick one up for about $150 retail, or shop around on eBay/pawn shops for a better deal. also, there are some simple modifications you can make yourself that will make it more comfortable for surfboards (this goes true for ANY planer), and you’ll end up with a better planer for far less money than Clark charges for that Hitachi.

I use a Bosch. It is light weight and easy to open and close when you are working. $140.00 at Lowes. Also you can change the discharge to left or right very easily.

I also use a Bosch, hooked up to a Shop Vac, and it’s vitually dustless and works extremely well.