Encinitas CA in The 1970's

I would like to hear from some of the people that were building boards in North County back in the 1970's  There were a lot of name factories  Channin, Sunset, Hansen, Surfboards Hawaii,  Nectar ect...... Also more then a few underground shops. Some were producing great boards and others well not so great.


   Howzit pointdog, That's it and the last time I was there was in 92 and there were so many restaurants it was a joke. The younger generaion have no idea what they missed and we were so lucky to have been there and got to enjoy such freedom. Aloha,Kokua

Does any one know who made Downhome surfboards?  I picked up a memorable down rail egg back in the early 70's, and I have no idea who made it. 

So many shapers around there, Syd Madden, Pat Flecky, Michael Criteau, Duane Brown, Mike Casey, Eddy Wright, Bill Shrosbree, Takayama, Ryan Dotson, the Willis Bros....those were just a few of the famous and infamous that blew through that little sleepy beach town.


Down Home Surfboards were shaped by T Boy - Tom Gallaglia, I last saw him with Jeff King at Pastoras in Todos Santos a few years back

 Amazing how many of the great board builders were working in and around north county San Diego in that time.  Seems like every other garage, shack or any type of shelter was turned into a shaping room or glass shop.  There was some great work being done and of course some really bad stuff being passed off as the next advancement in board design.  

A lot of those that started their own label served apprenticeships with Hansen, Gorden and Smith, Surfboards Hawaii. The Old Hansen Factory turned into  a Beer Bar the South Cardiff Lodge. In Del mar there was another great watering Hole The Golden Rolling Belly. In Solana Beach you had the Belly Up. All had great music of one kind or another. 

It was a great place to be a Surfer  less then an hour to the boarder and the waves of Baja.  For a few years it seemed like it was every other weekend we would be camping in Baja.  If the surf was working you worked at night got your got your sanding, lay ups, hot coats ,shaping or what ever else needed to be done, done and hit on a dawn patrol.  

 Some of the others That I recall are John Breedon  an Airbrush Artist, Terry Lamb, was another artist that did a few boards and art work for Surf Flicks and some Album covers.  Kenny Mann was an amazing sander at Sunset and then Moonlight Glassing.  Up at Channin's  was another crew. does any recall seeing the little decal "Colors by Cody"  Steve Moret was shaping boards up there he may also have had the first shaping machine . He invented a simple set of template and mounted  router jig on parallel curved bars to get the right rocker in a board. 

If you wanted to see the who's who is Surfing of that time there were two places to get breakfast One the infamous Captain Kenos the Other was Alfredo's  You could be having your bacon and eggs while Apia and Bertelmen were in the next booth.  For a few years Apia was spending a month or so shaping in Solana Beach.  Brewer would also spend time shaping and passing on Knowledge.


Jim. thanks for the info.  I don't know Tom, but I remember that board.

Doug, how's about surf movies at the La Paloma?  Mexican food at Fidel's, Tony's Jacal, and The bluebird, in Eden Gardens?  Shoot your shot open mic at that music store where we go and watch Jack Tempchin.  The Fair and the track in Del Mar.

It was a good time to be young.

To others who might be asking, wtf, with this thread. "Artz" and I discovered we were room mates back in the 70's in Encinitas, and now that we're geezers, we are remembering when.

There was a nice sea food restaurant on the beach in Cardiff, i think it was, had really good Sunday brunch. What was it's name?



The green chili pork burrito, at the Blue Bird Cafe, was simply the best in the area.   Hands down.     Remember the  C card in the window?

I have great memories of N. County from that period.  Checking the surf out from the bluffs over Solana Beach.  No condos then.  The water and sand seemed so clean and pristine compared to OB.  Freezing my ass off in my 3rd hand wetsuit while surfing perrrrrfect waves at P…o. Captain Keno’s always before heading home.  I really didn’t pay much attention to who was making what when I was a kid.  My buddy always had boards from Sunset because his father had some sort of business connection to the shop. It wasn’t so crowded back then.  You could usually find a little  sandbar somewhere.  Carne asada burrito from Roberto’s.  You alway vowed never to eat another one when finished, but alway came back for more…Mike

Mike old friend you are right.   I was hoping that more People from that time would might come out of the woodwork  Would be nice and renew some old friendships from that era. 

Mike, how many weekends did we take my old van down to Mexico to Surf? do you recall the guy from IB that was a really hot surfer/ think his name was dave Para? great guy turned me on to many secrete spots down there.

 Then I was doing work at Nectar we would have lunch or dinner or just have beers at  The Market at least 2 times a week.  

Marty Ratliff has passed to the other side. Warren Brown is still Glassing Boards in San Marcos, Peter St Pierre aka peter pin line  I understand is semi retired from moonlight.  His son now has a retail surf shop on 101 called Surfy Surfy. Ed Write makes a few boards now and then. Mike you said Pat  Flecky is up in Pismo Beach area? Hank Byzak is once more on Hwy 101 in Leucadia with his Pure Fun shop.  From what I hear Bob Sakota who was a shaper for Donald Takayama seems to be making boards in Oceanside.   Chris Aarons is still writing and involved in some Surfing related stuff.  Maybe some of these names will help get some memories floating to the top.

C rating!, that would have been a step up for Captain Kenos.  Now I'm hungry for some good mexican food  Most of those places in Eden Gardens had good food. Just don't look in the kitchen!


David Parra. He was a lifeguard at Imperial Beach, and I met him surfing IB when I was stationed at Reem Field in IB.  He was a good guy, and a good surfer. I don't know what ever happed to him. IB developed a number good surfers, must be the Dempsey/Sloughs influence.

Captain Kenos.  Now thats a place I don't miss, ha.  I don't remember the C ratings for the Blue Bird, but I remember there salsa was one of the best.


There was a place named Fish House West , right at Cardiff Reef.


  I don't remember the C ratings for the Blue Bird, but I remember there salsa was one of the best.


The C rating was not related to cleanliness, but to the physical proximity of the dishwashing area to the food prep area.    If you recall, the kitchen area was really small.  And yes, the salsa was outstanding.    The food was of excellent quality.    I think it was the best food in Eden Gardens.


my first board as a grem—by Tommy Lewis

    Howzit artz, Sorry I was in Hwaii by the 70's but in the 60's it was a great place to surf and camp right on the beach and there was no state park above the Pipes break. We would camp on the beach for weeks and surfed mostly by ourselves and there was only 1 little restaurant on the beach,somebody knows the nameof that place. Aloha,Kokua


    ...there was only 1 little restaurant on the beach,somebody knows the nameof that place?


Charlie's.  ( I think.)

  • George’s.

In the 1960's I was growing up weird in NJ! Had to be a bit off to start surfing in NJ in 1964. 

Even in the 1970's people were camping on the beach just not at pipes. There was a guy killed sleeping on the beach in Del Mar. Part of the bluff gave way.  Guess he didn't know what hit him.

Back in some of the old Avocado Groves in Leucadia people were living in tee pees and tents.  

Then There was the famous Stone Steps surf Contest.  




Then There was the famous Stone Steps surf Contest.  


The 33rd annual. I was awarded the ''Trophy trophy.''

What year was the 33? or how many years did they have a 33 annual? I am not sure anyone was really taking a count.

Somehow someway Takayama seemed to win more then his fair share of stone steps contest.

The first wave I ever rode on the West Coast was at Stonesteps in 1969. Pure glass waist high. I was stoked out of my mind. And sure enough…Takayama came out that evening. He had the place wired. They were great times.