Endgrain Balsa mat

I am attempting to build a hollow carbon board using a Xylene washout. It is based on a concept discussed by Kendall and lpcdefg in this thread:


Kendal recommended 8 oz carbon under, 3/16" endgrain balsa mat and 8 oz carbon over. That is the basis of this project.

I have built balsa compsand’s and found working with the balsa sheeting, tedious, at best. The look is great:

However, the endgrain mat is just like working with corecell or divinycell. Cuts and sands easily and lays out in a single sheet. The look is interesting, too, IMO. Maybe the flex experts can better respond but I wonder if endgrain mat would be an alternative to corecell sheeting?

Out of the bag and the bottom without glass/carbon and a touch of epoxy bleed thru.

looks cool, is it another wakeskate or is it a surfboard ?

There’s surely less lethal ways of getting rid of tourist spongers than with a spear gun.

Without getting into a nomenclature debate, I’d guess it’s technically a wakesurf. There is a generally accepted term referring to a “wakeskate” which requires a rope, nondirectional twin tip without bindings. Not too much elitism in the wakesurf realm, we mostly just call it a board.


There’s surely less lethal ways of getting rid of tourist spongers than with a spear gun.

LOL, thanks for the laugh Cuttlefish =) …

i’m very interested in the end grain balsa mat…

where’d you get it???

Hey ChrisP

Since the fire at Lonestar I get all my Balsa at Specialized Balsa:


My understanding is that endgrain mat has been around the composite scene for ages. I think that I have seen tradenames like Nadiacore, etc. Jake at Specialized is great to work with. He doesn’t laugh at my small orders and is willing to cut ridiculously thin pieces for me. I like the look of the endgrain, I almost hate to cover it with Carbon!