Energy surfboards



I am in possession of an Energy board which I am trying to find a bit more about.  It is a 7’2’’ pintail single fin which looks about 20/30 years old?  Anyone got any info? basically is it a collectors piece or should I let it go?

Wasn’t that Simon Anderson’s brand? A pintail single fin from the guy who introduced the thruster design would be of some interest, IMHO… I mean, as a piece of history, maybe not any money value…

Ah yes!!!


I have been having a scratch around the internet and it seems that this is the case!!!  I have it on e bay at the moment and it is generating a fair bit of interest so might have to pull it!!!  It may be worth a little something but not sure what.

If you are lucky it may have a number written on it. I have a mate who has an original Simon Energy with the number 45 written along the stringer.

Remember old pieces of S#!T are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. But if it was mine and it was one of Simons earlier boards I would hang on to it just out of nostalgia or some other wanky reason.


P.S. Jusyboy?? that sounds very unpleasant.

Any pictures you could post of the board?  Back in the day,  I admired Simon's clean shapes, mostly his rounded pins.  Really nice foils and air brush designs.

one of my mates has an old Simon Anderson Energy with a rounded pintail. it's about 6'8 and he absolutely loves it. i have ridden it briefly but didn't think too much of it. he snapped it one day and was deeply disappointed. he had it fixed but it doesn't quite ride the same so i haven't seen him on that for a while.

he raved about that board...


it is only unpleasant when you say it in your native tongue!!!  Cheers for the compliment!  Still chasing it up to see if it is genuine but struggling.  The only writing is Gandale 79 which I can only presume is the shaper and year of shaping.  Gandale draws a blank.







thanks for your help so far.  This is the board.  As I said above it looks like it was shaped in 79 as the only marking is Gandale 79.  This was before The Thruster etc so is it possible this is nothing to do with SA?

that board looks great, you should hang onto it and ride it.

Though the Energy label was around well before the Thruster, that board is in no way related to

the Simon Anderson brand of the time.

Cheers for your input guys.  I was well aware it waas nothing to do with  SA and the thruster era. It is a very similar board that I found in a shed when travelling in South Africa which I started my surfing journey on.  Its no longer for sale and we have a swell due here on the East coast of the Uk this week so I am just gonna paddle out on it  have some fun and put it back on the racks till the next time.


Thanks again