english for spackle, please

in english i.e. in the u.k can anyone tell me what our equivalent of spackle is?



papier mache ( or … “the creeping evil” , according to doug irwin)

Putty and paint will make it what it ain’t


yes, polyfiller. the lightweight stuff is what you need though its a bit pricey. you might be able to mix up some microballoons with the all-purpose stuff if you want to do it on the cheap, but the colour was a bit off-white when i tried it.

Microballoons in an acrylic adhesive.

visit this site for Loehr’s preferred …


Here is another equally impressive brand…


In my local hardware superstore(Ireland), I can buy a tub labelled “Spackle” so you should be able to find it in ther UK too

I’m struggling to find something which sticks polystyrene together which also allows a horwire to cut through

cheers guys, gonna maybe soon try the eps deal and thought this might be important.


Hope you have better luck in the UK than I’ve had in France. Lots of interesting spackle-like compounds that dry to a lovely shade of beige or grey. Sometimes I’d like to have a Home Depot handy…

The cheapest, light weight option here is dry wall filler, about £7 for a 10 kilo sack. Dries a bit grey but maybe some emulsion paint in the mix would lighten the colour. Builders mechants or B&Q warehouse.


Try gorilla glue (foaming pu adhesive), Axminster power tools have a really good mail order site and I am sure will ship to Eire

Don’t know the equivalent word, but if you are looking for a functional description it is a medium-bodied white putty designed to repair gypsum drywall. You use a putty knife to fill the hole and smooth it. If needed, sand or surform after, then paint or paper.


This is only an untested suggestion but when I was doing a lot of decorating I would use waterproof tile adhesive/grout which comes ready mixed has a good consistency and comes is bright white and doesn’t shrink as much as polyfilla and also is easy to sand.