Enlarging forum pages

With the forum update, I can no longer enlarge pages to view pictures. Is there a browser, or an app that would allow this? My old eyes are suffering, and sometimes I really like a detailed view.

It would help if you tell us how you access Swaylocks.





Which browser?

If the answer is PC, use Ctrl and then the “+” key (together) and pages will enlarge. You can do it two or three times in a row until it’s large enough. Firefox will remember you did this and the site will always be larger on screen.


In Google Chrome you can click in the three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner of the screen and it will bring a menu where zoom is an option. 

You can hold the “Control” key while rolling the scrolling wheel/dial in your mouse.  Continuous increase or decrease until you stop rolling the wheel.

I’m on an iPad or iPhone using Safari. In the old forum I used to be able to pinch and enlarge, but the new forum update does not allow it 

The software that drives this site is weak.  Lots of bugs over the years.  I’m having the same problem.  Pretty much unreadable on my iPhone.  This is the only forum where I experience this problem.  No more pinch to enlarge.

Yeah I hate that too.  Miss out on a lot because of i-phone access.

New format seems to have impacted posting / participation, seems to be down since the change.

I remember that a blogging option was supposed to be on its way, also…