EPA shutting down glass factories

Howzit Swaylockians, Just got back from talking to a long time (40 years) surfboard factory owner in S.Cal and he told me that a fireman friend says they are closing down glassing shops in central Ca, he said that Santa Cruz was one of the places that would be affected. Is this true or just a rumor.Aloha,Kokua

I started looking for some proof and found this interesting tidbit. Puts a new twist on the EPS environmental debate.

An EPS foam factory in LA is closing down rather than upgrade equipment.


Hey kokua, I have not heard anything along these lines. Also you ar talking about two different groups. The firedept, and the office of enviromental health I know the Haut glassing area is in good shape as far as firedept goes as far as evniromental health goes I can’t really say unless I spent a lot of time there. I will let you all know if I hear anything. Take Care

Howzit Bagman,I'll P.M.you.Aloha,Kokua

Seems the EPA doesn’t like the smell of Chocolate either… I saw something about this in the San Diego trib today.


We’re getting it rammed up our asses in Encinitas, Channin, Fins Unlimited, Eberly/Ford glassing, Rancho autobody. The air quality guys are here on a weekly basis, if not more. It all started when the agricultural land behind us was re-zoned to residential. Now we have been in this building since 1969, own the bulding, own the land, so what! As soon as the developer started moving dirt around, the first complaints started over his heavy equipment operators getting dizzy from the fumes in their air conditioned, enclosed cabs. We are using citus additive in the resins, but the complaints keep coming, mainly from the tweakers that are the only pre-existing homes near the factory. One evening there was a complaint that they couldn’t breath because the fumes were so bad, the air quality has to respond by law. When he arrived there was NO ONE working in any of the businesses and hadn’t been for most of the day. My personal view is the developers are in the pocket of the tweakers, telling them to constantly complain, it NEVER happened before ground got broken and the new homes are 3 fucking million dollars, looking down on our God awful factory that ruins their view. We are by the way, the only ocean view surfboard factory in socal. How do you think this will playout, big money or the lowly surfboard craftsmen ? I’m counting the days myself.

gotta get a surf bum on the city council

Sooner than later they’ll try exercising the law of imminent domain. All across the USA people are loosing their homes and properties because many communities are increasingly hungry for a higher tax base. Now they can cite nearly any reason to acquire whatever property they want. The recent Supreme Court ruling on imminent domain is pure poison to anyone who owns (or hopes to own) private property.

Heaven help us when wrong becomes right…

that breaks my heart to hear…

i know you guys dont remember me - as people go thru the revolving door of surf industry jobs - but you guys taught me what i know now, and tony/randy took a big chance hiring me on with no ‘real’ experience. that shop holds many fond memories, and has a great position in the area’s surf history. i bet perico is loving all that crap.

maybe you guys can apply for recognition as an artist guild, or historical site? that might be a stretch, but so is the crap going on around you. try suing them for storm water pollution(SWPPP), that was a big thing when i was running construction in SD. i can give you the name of the inspector if you like…

really sorry to hear that.

Howzit Jim, I guess not everyone loves the smell of resin in the morning. By the way are you working at the Channin factory, I’m trying to find a couple of the old red rectangular Diff stickers or lams for Phil Irons whos Diff was broken and the lams ate it. I’m putting the board back together and phil would like to have the lams on the board. Jim from LokBox was going to check to see if there were any around but haven’t heard from him about them. Aloha,Kokua