Epoxy 6oz Free Laps Show on Red Airbrushed Foam?

I know they’re virtually invisable on white stock foam but how about on red airbrushed foam??

Same, clear, just be neat with your free lap cutting…

How about getting splotches of epoxy resin on the red airbrushed foam? When I go to lam this side, will the already dried splotches show thru? I can’t grind them down as the color will come off the board. Maybe a better idea is to just go ahead and mask/paper and cut the laps on the part where it is red (the nose), or course the tape will pull the red off the foam. Maybe I should just leave the area white foam, do my lam and do some real cuts. Then airbrush the nose area red, dry, and then lam that side…hmmmm…

They won’t show, (a coat of epoxy is a coat of epoxy) but as stated above be neat on the glass cutting, and before you lam, remove loose strings along the edge of the glass. Then when you wrap the rails, leave a little extra resin to stick it all down good and flat. You DON’T want to be trying to peel off little strings that didn’t get quite stuck to the blank, these will ruin the color by peeling it off.

After the lam, you can CAREFULLY surform off burrs and bumps, by pulling the surform (sharp blade please) perpendicular to the rail.

Also, think in advance of a baste coat on the lap, b/c there are likely to be little bumps and burrs that you may not be so bold as to surform off.

After all that, remember that pinlines were invented because of cut lines.

Howzit 220. I squeegee the excess resin past the glass on to the foam on every board I glass. This works really well especially on painted boards since it will protect the paint and the foam when you take down the lap. On day one of my shapers was watching me do some lay ups and said that he thought it was a great way to protect the paint/foam and wished that other glassers would do the same thing. After wrapping the rails check for strings and either pull them off or use your squeegee to push them back towards the lap which makes them easier to clean up. Of course if you do your lay up correctly the strings won't be a problem, but it's all in the technique.Aloha,Kokua