Epoxy and pigments.

Perhaps somebody has experience in this area … I want to pigment some epoxy for a board. My thought is that once this is done, there will be little chance of matching the color later down the road for repairs etc., so I wanted to mix some extra to keep on hand.

Will the addition of the pigments affect the shelf life of the resin in any way?

Also, to get a teal sort of color … thinking start out with a white base, then I have some green and blue pigments at home … between the two I should be able to get a good teal color, perhaps might need to add some yellow …

I got one of those paint mixing things that goes on the end of a drill to blend it all up.

I’m stoked about this idea … haven’t done this yet … originally I was thinking a transparent tint but Bill and some others talked me out of trying that, especially on EPS. Perhaps another time on another board.

BTW I surfed The Wall in Hampton NH yesterday, and the waves were so-so … but the lobstah pie afterward was wicked good :open_mouth: