Epoxy Board Repair

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Hi, I have an epoxy longboard shaped a couple of years ago that I think due to me dragging my knee when I pop up(I’m old and a bad back so I dont “pop” up) caused the deck to get large pressure dings then crack. Not too long after I got the board a crack developed and the shaper dried it out and repaired it with more epoxy resin. (lower circled area). Yesterday I noticed a new pressure ding/crack has developed(upper circled area) about 4" long. Is this something I can just let dry out, clean and put epoxy resin on it or would it need a more major repair…cutting out the area, putting in filler and covering with cloth and resin…etc…? Thanks…


It might be cheaper to have a local ding repair guy fix it.

Remove wax.

80 grit,scuff scuff till ya see alittle weave.

Place a few pieces of cloth a few inches larger than the ding over the damaged area.

Saturate cloth with properly mixed epoxy,remove excess epoxy with bondo spreader or similar device.

Wait forever.

Smooth any bumps out with 120 grit paper.

lightly brush on a thin coat of epoxy,enough to fill the grid in the cloth.

Wait forever.

Finish sand,220,320,400,keep going up untill it matches the rest of the board to the best of your ability.

On my daily driver beaters I clean,scuff,glass and sand 220 then ride.

If its just a simple repair I’d like to try it myself…I can get the supplies locally, and I figure I can use the leftovers on some of my polyboards as well that need a few dings cleaned up… I just wasnt sure since this is more of a crack then a hole if the repair would be more intensive or complicated… Thanks…

You can use poly in the same manor for this repair as long as no eps foam is exposed…

Go with epoxy… while you could use polyester resin if no EPS is exposed, you might not be able to see tiny cracks that the poly could squeak through, then you’d have a much bigger problem. Its worth it to go a little out of your way to get epoxy.

This is the answer I was afraid I would hear… this is probably way over my skill level… the shaper who made the board is no longer in business and I dont really know any shapers here in Jacksonville Beach who do epoxy, just poly…

Sorry, but this isn’t going to dry out unless you cut out a considerable area. And, figure on about a week or more to dry. This also looks like the prelude to a delamination. After drying, you’ll need to fill these depressions to level the surface for glassing. Epoxy fillers aren’t recommended because they get too hot and the area is too big. I would prep sand the area, epoxy laminate 6 oz cloth to seal the foam, then poly fill/laminate/hotcoat. I would seriously consider adding a 2-layer patch over the entire deck area where this is happening or you’ll just be fixing it again.

Look up “Drewtang,” he’s in your area. There’s a picture in this link almost showing his phone number! His label is “Inspired Surfboards.” He does really clean work.


Hi OSD,I’m in Saint augustine,I sent you a pm with my info,let me know if you got it thanks.

First I would remove the wax and sand into those areas. Hopefully your sanded area will come out looking something like the pic below. Once you’ve sanded deep enough to expose some foam check to see if the crack is still there. If it isn’t then patch and sand like you would normally do on a ding repair. If the crack is still there then you should remove all damaged material and replace and that’s not so easy. Check out the board ladys website as well as she has a lot of info on EPS repairs.