epoxy despenser?

At present i am geting 5 glallon drums of epoxy and having to decant it into smaller jugs first before using which tends to be messey and wastefull, so im looking for some sort of pump system that will be reliable and up for the job. Being in the uk i am all so going to rig up a hot box to store the resin to keep it warm as the temps here get quite low. I have surched on here but only found very old threads and havent found much other than expensive comercial stuf on the net. Plastic pumps are out the question as they take for ever and tend to brake if they get cold and i have tried taps but they quite slow and seam to always continuely drip. So just wondering has any one put a sistem to gether ? or any advise? i still plan to use the scales i just want a way that i can set it up and keep things that bit more tidy and have less stuff on the work bench but at the smae time not break the bank!.

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These work OK…you’ll have to shorten the down pipe to suit a smaller drum…also , you can reverse spin them to suck whats in the hose back into the 20 litre drum , to keep from dripping resin all over.

I have just been looking at those and allso the one in the link, just wondering if there would be any plastic in there that would get effected by the hardener as I have found that it is corrosive to some plastics? 


I just keep a 2quart plastic pitcher of resin in a plastic cooler with a heating pad inside the cooler heating my resin.
Since I bag all my boards, I will measure into plastic cups and place cups into cooler to keep warm.
I grab the warmed measured cups at each layer I lay down.

nice tip lakewakes!


I have seen a metal pump that is calibrated for mix ratios.

Looks like it had resin and hardener storage above.

With each pump, it despenced both resin and hardener to the correct ratio.

Someone out there sells them.

Shop closed, and no longer there to inquire where they got it.

I’ll ask around.

Michael engineering, sticky stuff dispenser.  michaelengineering.com


Yep. That’s the one.

I knew Mr. Epoxy would know.

Nice Greg.

Cheers greg that looks great although i think by the time i ship it to the uk and pay tax its going to be out of my budget probably upwards of $550 for the small one, i have yet to find anything over here the same. Do those ones mix to good enuf ratios even for small quanties? (thinking ding repair)

Although im not quite conviced yet the ebay link ones are only around $30 each.

Greg what sort of plastics does the hardener need to be keeped away from?

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i just use these… http://ts2.mm.bing.net/th?id=HN.608030068061112518&pid=1.7 i have 4l-1 gallon one for the resin and a 2l -1/2 gallon for the hardener… end up filling them up from the big drum at the same time…



Awesome. Greg, which one do you recommend for the home builder? The “sticky stuff dispenser” or the “goo grinder”?