epoxy ding repair screw up

I’m doing a couple ding repairs on a firewire i have laying around and screwed up on the mixture of my epoxy. When applied the cloth the epoxy mixture was good, but when hot coated them i guess i messed up the measurements somehow, i measured it by volume not with a digital scale like i usually do. The hotcoat still hasn’t cured completely after a week. what is the best method of fixing this? use a bunch of sandpaper to try and get the gooey mess off? yet another reason why i like to stick to poly resin.

A rag soaked in denatured alcohol is your best method to remove the uncured resin. Sanding it will just spread it around and make a big mess. Plus, you will go through a ton of sandpaper before you make much progress.

So, I’d try to clean it as stated, above. Then just put a new coat over what you have left. Maybe try using a squeegee or plastic scraper to get the bulk of it off, before going with the DNA/rag treatment.


Hi, as one that repairng lots of SUP, use always SYRINGES, they never gets wrong. i didnt try yet the digital scale method but it seem like a mess to me. i use syringe because their cheap and last long if you know what to do with them when your done measuring. good luck

Scrape it off with a razorblade. Use the blade perpendicular to the surface and scratch it off. It’ll gum up the blade and you might need a couple to get it totally clean but it will work.



THIS!!!  ^^^^^^^^^

Anytime you are doing small batches measure using syringes.  Make sure you mark your two syringes for resin and hardener and don’t mix them up.  With small batches being off by just a few drops can be the difference.

got it all off yesterday and mixed my batch using syringes. came out perfect! thanks for the advice.