epoxy foam stain plus art question/thoughts

Ive got a board that i want to do some posca work on. I have been thinking about either doing a foam stain with my base color and then doing the posca on top of this and capping it all with a clear lam. I havent done any foam stains so i was wondering if the little bit of resin that stays on the foam adds much firmness to the foam?

the other way i thought to do it was to do my inlay with the tint in the lam. and then do a small cheater coat over it all…sand that flat apply art with posca and then cap all of that in clear lam. hotcoat sand be done.

The reason i want to do the cap of clear lamination is because i usually have a few minor sand thru’s if i apply my art on sanded hot coat and then apply a epoxy “gloss” and sand.

thoughts questions comments? all welcome

I like to get all my color, artwork, etc, under glass. Even pin lines, unless its resin pinlines, and then I still like a thin final coat of clear over everything. I work with epoxy.