epoxy glass on

any of you have experiences glassing single fins onto the tail of logs? how did it go?

a lot of us have

why do you ask?

heres my first go at it , its poly but the procedures the same, epoxy wont polish as well

glassing on fins with epoxy imho is much easier than using polly(you get about 10 to 12 minutes or quicker). epoxy you get way more time so after doing hundreds of fin jobs doing a epoxy fin job was easy. plenty of time to get the rope well saturated and the patches on tight and not too wet.

you have to babysit it though and cutting the fins out takes good patience.

same technique as a polly fin job, just takes a little more time.

i agree its much easier than poly, but has anybody had any bonding issues with using poly fins? i do glass-ons on 99% of my personal boards which are all epoxy, and no matter how well i prep them somewhere down the line they will get hit the wrong way and start to peel, i’ve actually lost fins doing hard bottom turns once they started to peel, what do you use to initially set the fins? (i have used hot glue but currently use five-minute epoxy), all my fins last long enough and i know it’s not my work ( it’s probably surfing in shorebreak and landing in the sand!), i cant remember having as much drama with my poly glass-ons though, just wondering how its working for everybody else