epoxy glassed hard..but soft..board "spongy"

Hi ,

So if anyone could help me with this it would be great.

I shaped, glassed, sanded, waxed and surfed my first board and it went great!

But…its kinda soft but not like soft sticky, it sanded great. resin left in bucket are like super hard glass hockey puck, so it totally kicked.

I kinda only gave the bottom a proper sanding, and kept the topp more rough, really wanted get it in the water.

Think 2-3 day from hotcoat to surf…to early? not cured enough?

And its just after surfing it I started to feel see it, there are indendts on where the leach has wrapped on sharp rail and tail.

Its kinda “spongy” 

Not broken glass but indentations enough to mess up the board if not soon fixed.

I shaped an old blank PU that I had been sitting around for a while like 5-6 years.

Glassed with epoxy RR KWICK (blue)

Deck 6+4, Bottom 4, e-glass

I live in Santa Monica so normally pretty warmish, glassed at night though… so perhaps not warm enough…

My current plan to save it, would be to clean off wax, and do another hot coat, either epoxy, preferred or UV sanding resin (since know this will be rock hard)

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Ill post picks if needed.





Pics are always helpful. 

Will do!

After I removed the wax today after surfed mostly every day the last 2 weeks in souther california  in anything from 2-5ish feet.

I expected the deck to be all messed up, but to my suprise its only “lightly” dented mostly by back foot and what I suspect being knees from duckdiving.

So I checked the rails, I think its becouse I might not saturated cloth enough at the railwrapping, so its like the kinda never stuck to the foam, like a delam but not.

Deck and Bottom looking pretty solid but as soon as it reach the edges it look/feel as its getting softer.

This is only my wild guesses though, might be a combo of incompetence from my end :slight_smile:


Leash has a lot of power in a breaking wave, those small indents might be the result. Epoxy doesn’t get brittle, indents are preferable IMO to cracks and breaks frequently seen on polyester resin glassed boards at rails by leash. Pics will tell more, try to get good clear shots.

It’s the blank…and the heavy close out beach break at Santa Monica…

**...."**** shaped an old blank PU that I had been sitting around for a while like 5-6 years. **

you might have sanded into the weave a bit too much, especially easy to do around the rails, and weakened it. 

on my first board i sanded through almost to the foam without realising untill i put my finger into the foam putting my fins in!


Thank you all!

I think it might be a combo of all you mentioned, I think the old blank & the over sanding sound like the most likely culprit, I did sand pretty heavy between…

Uploading some pictures to try to show it more clearly, do you think I should add a “band” of extra glass on the rails or perhaps one of those fancy carbon reinforcment nets as seen at the bottom of this page Surfboard Fiberglass – Shaper Supply

Ill upload some pics to more clearly show the damage the rail one is kinda blurry, sorry

I can’t see anything in the second pic, the top pic doesn’t really look like leash damage to me, but yes I would reinforce the rails if they are weak.

Ok thanks, well that indent is from the knot Im afraid, also a bad setup from me, to eager to get it in the water not making sure the railsaver was actually…well saving rail.

Ill try to upload another showing more clearly, and enhance my shitty blurry one, in till I can take a better one. Thank you so much for your input!





For what its worth, I would check to make sure you didn’t get any water intrusion. I made a board for my friends kid, and he dinged the tail, but didn’t properly repair it. Got water in it, and it felt soft in the back, like you are describing. It doesn’t take take much more then a small hole for water to start making its way in. 

Regardless, epoxy shouldn’t feel mushy, it cures relatively hard. Also unless you want it to look pretty, there is no need for that carbon cloth, you are better off just doing a proper repair with 4oz cloth.

yep thats sand through for sure!