Epoxy glasser, sander and shaper ready for EPS needed in San Diego

Starting production Jan 2, 2007. Must be experienced, clean and responsible. Must have knowledge of Epoxy resin and EPS foam. Be prepared to present references.

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Well you just found your guy…i been glassing 39 years now,20 of which has been using epoxy with the master himself greg loehr. e-mail him and check gl10@aol.com… also check www.theshaperstree.com and www.surftech.com… under support/did click on repairs…i’m in va.beach va. now…was in fla. for 30 years, but i grew up in va.beach… anyhow i know all the tricks to making epoxy boards,as i said i work with greg loehr the whole time he was exp. with the diff. kinds of epoxy… so where are you at??? my name is Ed Townes jr. soulmanet@yahoo.com e-mail me and give me your phone # and lets talk… peace Ed Townes (ET)