Epoxy gloss coat

Hey Anyone having problems with fisheyes in an epoxy glosscoat if you did airbrush work over the sanded hotcoat? Do I need to used a different paint?

I had some issues with fish eyes or craters over an acrylic pinline I did on a hotcoat.

As near as I could figure; with some help from some of the good people here at swaylocks, was that it was some kind of contamination. Most likely, I think, from the sandpaper that I used to sand the pinlines. First time I had used it, and supposedly some papers have wax in the grit. It was pretty much the only thing I could come up with as I have done pinlines before with the same paint and procedure without issues.

What could be the issue with you? … I am guessing that there was no sanding involved with the airbrushing… could it be the paint? Some sort of additive in it? Is it a glossy paint? Could you clean it with soap and water before glossing without hurting the paint?

If there is really no chance of contamination, then maybe just make sure that the epoxy is thinned enough so that if flows well. > Warm it up, use additive F (1cc per oz. Hardener) and some De-natured alcohol (1cc per oz )

I have a fish with some ugly pinlines from sanding out the craters… or trying to anyway. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

double the amount of “F” in hotcoat & glosscoat – 2cc/oz hardener

my belief is that it takes 4 days for (auto type) spray acrylic to dry enough to take the resin

same thing happened to me the other day

im gunna do the otherside tonight just to compare


the gloss coat still did it after a long dry time

epoxy is deffinately not compatible with thinner based acrylics

ive tried heaps of different acrylics and the only on that has worked so far

are the childrens non toxic type acrlyics

they are water based sediment type paint

i think this has been discussed before

the days of the auto rattle can are over

another hard lesson