Epoxy Glue Joint

Couldn’t find anything for this is my search on Sways. Has anyone tried this for a stringer? I just want to make the EPS easier to shape without it flopping all over the show, but I can’t be bothered using a normal stringer.

Epoxy glue joint ???

OKAY , but…

…Wouldn’t it be kinda hard to smoke ?


Thanks for the laugh, Herb! I think epoxy is fine for gluing up stringers. I’ve used polyurethane glue and some sort of construction wood glue my buddy brought over to glue up stringers. Mike

Just epoxy alone. And just set it off hot, that will it will smoke all of it’s own accord.

I vote no. Epoxy just bends too easily. A thin glue line is going to add weight but no real strength without glass fiber. But then I’m thinking on a short board, you might not even need a stringer. A little extra glass in the lam would add the same strength. Plenty of posts about that in the archieves.


I have several customers that have ordered stringerless blanks from us and I got curious about the flex issue because some want glue lines and some don’t. (None of them seem to have a problem shaping them because of the “flop” factor.)

I used the same 2# density (EPS) model longboard blank and measured the flex in the following:

  1. No center cut

  2. Center cut with RR epoxy glue line.

  3. Centercut with UNITEX structural repair epoxy.

  4. Center cut with Gorilla urethane.

  5. Center cut with our single part urethane.

There was no noticable difference in any of the blanks flex. They all bent the same amount.


Thanks for sharing that. I think you covered about every possibility on that one.

Epoxy itself won’t do much. A couple layers of 4oz. in there will, though, if you dent in little channels on either side, both top and bottom, with the corner of your block plane (ala JC). Sort of gives it the I beam effect.