Epoxy Hot Coat Delam Repair Questions

The hot coat on the deck of an epoxy I have has basically entirely delamed and come off (I am assuming its the hot coat because the glass under the coat has a weave pattern and is still flawless). Is it worth it for me to try and scrap off the remaining hot coat on the deck, sand it all down and then throw a coat of epoxy over it? Was also thinking about messing around with some resin tints too…is it possible to mix in resin tints in this hot coat or will this not work at all. Have read through a bunch of the old threads, just want to make sure I didnt miss anything. Also was thinking about doing this in the living room of my 1-bedroom apt using gregs resin…seems like the vapors won’t kill me, anyone think this is a bad idea? Thanks…

Hi Stapler -

Any chance you know what type of resin was used for the fillcoat? I.E. epoxy vs poly and which brand?

If the fillcoat has completely chipped off, there are at least a couple of possibilities as to what happened… contamination, blush, full cure between coats, failure of poly to bond to epoxy, etc.

If you can get it down to nothing but the lamination layer, try a dentured alcohol rubdown followed by a light touch with a wire wheel on your grinder to scuff it up. A rough sanding might cut into the weave and really sacrifice strength of the lamination.


After all the lamination is scuffed, apply a good epoxy fill coat.

I’ve seen a number of cases of epoxy fillcoat chipping off. It has happened on a board I glassed and I’ve seen it on other boards and even a commercial brand-name outrigger kayak hull. On the one I did, I bought back, sacrificed the board and stripped it.

It was as if I had applied a release agent between the lam and fill coat. Blush from a cold temperature application and too long of a delay between coats was the most likely cause in my case.

Thanks, didnt glass the board myself, but pretty sure it was epoxy resin, not sure what brand…


FWIW, I wouldn’t try to get too fancy with pigments or anything. If you can clean it up and get a good fill coat sanded smooth you can always paint it later.