Epoxy Kite board layup

I  have a friend who has now had a number of china kite boards all which have snaped maninly due to very poor construction. He has now asked me to build him a board instead. It will be a straped surf style board i expect,i only do stringerless eps epoxy, my plan is to do a vac baged 2mm cork sandwich build for maxamum strength but not sure just how much glass or carbon i need to put into it so it is nice and strong and he doent break it stright away? 4oz under the cork and 6 on the top? 6 ether side? 4 under double 6 top? Any one got any tips for kite boards? many thanks

Use wood or pvc for deck sandwich with carbon under feet. Strapped kite take lot of pressure around straps. For strappeless kite i use hybrid EPS foam 3lb density with composit stiffeners, 2x4 oz under 4+6.5biax époxy foam and 4 over.