Epoxy Layup plan

So I plan on making an epoxy longboard…let me know if you guys see any flaws in this plan…

1.) Shape blank

2.) Lam Bottom 6oz

3.) wait 24 hours. Use sander or dremel to take down lap line

4.) Lam deck double 6oz top. First top lam is cut to mid rail, second/top lam is cut to lap over rails similar to bottom lam.

5.) wait 24 hours use sander or dremel to take down lap line again.

6.) Glass in FCS fin boxes and leash plug

7.) Lay down sand coat

8.) sand down to original blank shape leveling out any wavyness caused by my poor lam job.

9.) I want sanded finish, so no need to apply a gloss coat, just either spray with UV protecting clearcoat, or use UV stable resin on sand coat.

I’ve read about additive F What is this?

I believe step 4 should refer to the deck right?

swap steps 6 and 7

Additive F is like surfacing agent. use it in your surface coats (1cc for very ounce of HARDENER)

Additive F also eliminates an effect called “blushing” which is a haze contamination of the surface of the lam making a less-than-perfect bond for the Surface coat. Use just a little Additive F for this…

sorry I swapped bottom to lam on step 4. It was 2:30 and I had to be up at 6am this morning so I was a bit tired :slight_smile:

So is it true I don’t need to put a gloss coat, just a lam, then a sandcoat and then paint a clear coat on it? Since I’m under the impression that the gloss coat just adds a thin layer of resin, which if I’m reading correctly doesn’t add any structural benefit, just weight, and something to polish.


3.) wait 24 hours. Use

I think to get the ideal epoxy matrix (bond) between the top and bottom you should not wait so long. You could finish the whole job in a day.

Plan works for poly blank only, not styro.

If it’s really your first ever lam, you should seal the lam coat with mix of epoxy and Q-cell, to be sure laminate is fully saturated.

If you’re sure of your ability to lam, skip it.