Epoxy Paint?

Walking through Wal-mart last night to pick up some mixing cups and found some Epoxy paint. Epoxy resin should bond to that no problem right? I mean it’s epoxy. Spray it on. Let it setup about 30 minutes then hotcoat over that? Only down side is it only comes in Almond, and white that I know of. I’m going on a search for black tonight.

I have no idea on epoxy paints suitability, but it is readily available through marine supply shops.


good to know if I can’t find any at walmart there’s a marine wholesaler right down the street.

Epoxy paint in spray cans can also so found at Home Depot…I know it come in white and black because I bought some.

ohh good home depot is right across the street!

you can use poscas on epoxy as well, i know you just cannot use acrylic right?

epoxy paint looks good… my rails suck, but if you look past that they made a clean line. I just waited till they were dry to the touch then epoxied over it.