Epoxy post curing temperature limit...

I know this is not surf-related, but I was hoping that someone with a lot of epoxy knowledge would be able to give me a little advice.

So I am an engineering student, and am working for a professor making composite actuators. I need an electrically insulative epoxy, and one that I can use to bond electrodes, and after that initial bonding is cured, it will be put in an autoclave with carbon fiber / epoxy prepreg and cured at 175C (approx 350F). I was planning on getting some RR epoxy, as I talked to Greg and his stuff won’t conduct electricity. The RR website lists the flash point of the fast hardner as 220F. I would assume that this is only before any curing, so that it would be fine once cured to put in a the autoclave at 350F.

Any advice is muchly appreciated!

Ask Greg Loehr, but maybe surfboard epoxies aren’t the best way to go at those temps.

Google “high-temperature epoxy”…

I don’t think RR’s surfboard resin would handle high temperatures, but they have another line that might work.

if you only need a few oz at a time JB weld epoxy is great - it will handle much higher temps than your autoclave dishes out. It’s full of metal, but supposed to be non-conductive.

I think its 120F for 4 hours is the standard recommendation for room temp cure epoxies, the higher temps are for ultra fancy expensive high heat tolerant aircraft industry type epoxies. Web homework can double check that 120 number, check ProSet West System site for starters. Be extra careful of delams as you turn the heat up, turn the turkey often.