Epoxy Pot Life of 20 Mins Enough for a 10'2"?

Surely I can get each lam coat done within 20 mins can’t I? Rolling the laps. Better switch it for a slower hardener…love to try it but what if I’m caught short? Not good…

Mix in small batches.

Mix,spread,mix next batch spread,mix etc once its spread you have lots of time

if you are worried have some one mix small pots ready for you to spread as you need it

Ive buildt large boats in the tropics this way where one transverse skin is way bigger than a 10 foot board

Wouldn’t that depend on how fast you work and whether double glass is a standard in your lam experience?

Warm temps can accelerate the process, so cutting it close.

As said, multi batch works, but I’d rather have just over 30 minutes myself even after laminating over 120 boards.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

measure out the hardener and resin in seperate buckets, place in refridgerator for an hour. Take out mix throughly, use.

I think you can do it in less than 10 minutes. If it’s RR it won’t tack up for 40 minutes, if it’s FGH brand it’s 20 minutes. You can do it! May additive F be with you Luke. Use the F, use the F.

If you have a 20 minute pot life then your working time will be longer than that, as long as you pour the resin out immediately after mixing and spread it out over a large area. A thin film takes longer to react beacuse the larger surface area dissapates the heat generated by the reaction more quickly.

Pay attention to the temperature given along with the specified pot life. If I recall correctly a 10 degree Celcius increase in temp. will cut the reaction time in half. Conversely a 10 degree decrease in temp will double the cure time.

Nothing wrong with mixing fast and slow hardener half and half. You’ll get the extra time you think you need without draging cure time way out. Just get it on the board and let the resin do the wetting out work. If you mix a little less than you think you need you mix a separate batch to finish wetting out the rail laps. You don’t have to worry about pot life if you just get it the hell out of the pot straight away.

Mahalo, Rich


I have glassed my EPS longboard with epoxy (of course):



Since I shaped a full lenght channel and a nose concave I decided to glass these areas first, let them set, then glass flat areas and finally glass laps=mixing and spreading 3 batches of 300grs= more than an hour of glassing without problems


Mixed a whole kilogram of resin, started to pour it (1/3) over the glass and spread it with the squeegee (5min.) Poured the next 1/3 of mix over the rest of the glass and SURPRISE!!!: the mix gelled before I could spread it (10min.). No possibility for bad mix ratio since SP106 comes in 1kg kits.

Conclusion: Don’t mix the whole batch for glassing your longboard, except if you can spread it inmediately (2 person squeeging, maybe??). The amount of heat generated in the pot will accelerate the gelling.