Epoxy, rails and extra glass

Please help answer these questions for me. 1. what is the diference between paralell egg rails and regular egg rails? 2. If I were to opt for epoxy construction with 6+6+6 on top and 6+4 on the bottom what would my over all weight difference be between 6+6 top and 6 bottom polyester? 3.Would the epoxy 6+6+6 top and 6+4 bottom be a great strenght improvement over the 6+6 top 6 bottom polyester? Thanks, DAVE

H’mmm who knows about Epoxy or rail design. I really don’t know not a shaper or a glass guy. Just tring to pick some brains about what would be best for my new board.

  1. Paralell rails always refered to the outline paralell meaning straighter outline through the middle of the board. 2. Laminated correctly the epoxy would be a bit heavier than the polyester but MUCH stronger.

Greg Loehr, very nice. Thanks. If you are still around. Would glossing be needed or is the Epoxy and extra glass enough?