Epoxy resin and aluminum foil?

I’ve seen info here about using foam rollers to do a thin coat of epoxy. I want to mix RR epoxy and then pour into paint roller tray before application to board- Can I line the tray with aluminum foil and not risk contaminating the mix? I would like to re-use trays, and it also seems that the trays are made from PolyStyrene (which it seems that AddF will eat thru). Any problems with epoxy and foil?

A decade ago at a Cerritos College workshop Greg Loehr simply used a paper plate for his roller tray. Of course he knew to the 1/4 teaspoonful how much resin to use. Nothing but a dry throwaway plate when he was done. Still impressed.

For thin coats I just pour the epoxy around onto the board, like drizzling syrup on pancakes, and spread with a foam roller. Works for me, no need for a tray.

I always thought it would be cool to lam some foil into a board. seems like it would be really strong if it didn’t delam.

I’ve done the paper plate thing. Works great. You want to use a foam roller. An actual paint tray like one uses for housepainting would lead to a lot of wasted resin in my opinion.

I’d be afraid that the wax coating of a paper plate or cup would contaminate the resin. That’s just asking for trouble.