epoxy seal over eps - anyone tried this?

Total newb question. I searched the archives a bit and couldn’t find anything on this – wondering if anyone has tried this or if you think it would work.

I’ve painted on the foam (well actually over the spackle sealer coat on the board) - and I’m getting ready to lam, but thought maybe if I did a really light cheater coat on the foam it would help preserve the artwork on the foam during the lamination process. (seems I inevitably miss a stray strand of glass on the rails that when pulled or cut off, it rips away some paint and foam with it - so was thinking this might work).

I’m concerned that the fiberglass bond to the epoxy cheater coat might be much weaker than laming on the foam.


thanks much!

It will add weight… I can tell you that. Ideally, you want a foam-to-glass bond directly.

I just make sure that I look under and pull off any strings while it’s all still wet. Just pull them down and let them hang. You don’t need to cut them, which can get messy. They just break right off when cured.

Hey smedman,

No need for the cheater coat. To prevent problems at the edge of the glass, check this out:


Check out what Bud has to say about the roller. It works, I have done it. Squeegee almost to the end of the cloth, cut any hanging strings, then use the roller for the last little bit, and roller past the edge of the cloth. The roller will hold some resin that will then help ‘fillet’ the cloth edge, and you will only need a few swipes with sandpaper or whatever you want to use to get the laps ready for the other side lam…The resin the roller puts down past the edge of the cloth protects your paint from the sandpaper…

To save yourself the challenge of having to glass froth free with epoxy (takes some practice, and a lot more resin) and to make things look much nicer, paint on top of the sanded hotcoat next time…it’s just my preference…