Epoxy supplies in Sydney

Hey guys.

Where do you epoxy guys get your resin from in Sydney??

What sort of result do get and any special requirements needed.

I rang Fibreglass Asia (I think thats what they are called) and asked them about epoxy for surfboards.

They told me they do have epoxy resin for surfboards but couldn’t give me to much info.

I asked him about additive F or something similar, and he didn’t know what I was talking about.

Can anyone give me some good suppliers??


I use Bote cote epoxy.

I found it really easy to use. It comes out a little thick so it is advisable to heat it a bit.

I didn’t heat it and it still worked well but i think it would have been even better if i heated it.

I just used the standard hardener without any additives. It takes a while to harden which is good as you can take your time. I even ran out of mixing sticks halfway through one of the layers and I had time to go up the shop buy some more sticks then come back and continue working on the layer I was doing. It sands a lot better than I was expecting as well.

I haven’t finished my board yet as my sander has busted. I still need to finish sanding and then paint it.

As I am using just standard epoxy I need to paint it to protect it from UV light.

The paint i am going to get is made for boats and sets very hard and should protect the epoxy from scratches as well as UV. You can get non-yellowing hardener that is OK in UV light but it is about twice the price as standard.

Here is a link to the suppliers.


CHeck out the info on Botecoat.

I used Drive Marine Services at Beverley Hills. The owner runs the Business out of his garage. He is very helpfull and is worth giving a call. He has pretty much all the gear you need. He would be the closest in SYD to Shellharbour.

Just keep going up the Princes Highway and you’ll get there.

Cheers, JD


I use the FGI R180 with the surfset hardener. FGI are at Brookvale.

Advanced composites at Unanderra sells Wests systems I think, although pretty expensive.

Shapers Australia has some new epoxy specifically designed for lamming surfboards, I am waiting for it to arrive. Good Price too.



Hey Entity

I was going to give FGI a call and have a chat.

I know a lot of guys that get their poly resin from them so I thought they would be in the know for epoxy for surfboards.

Just thought I would see if there were any other suppliers that have had good results.


FGI in Brookvale near Manly in Sydney. They have poly and epoxy resins and cloths, carbon fibre, lots of exotic stuff too if you have a bit of cash. Dont miss checking out Solartex in nearby Cromer that do 2.5 m X 100 mm ExtrudedPS blanks for $70 as well as sheets for skim/skate/wake boards.

See Duncan the boss, he surfs.