Epoxy supply in Sydney?

Hi There!

Can anyone please help me with some contacts regarding suppliers of epoxy resin and people that make epoxy boards in Sydney or Austrlalia

After all this epoxy talk I have to have a go.

Ive looked up the net but most suppliers are in the States

Thank you

Ditto for Adelaide… Pretty please :slight_smile:

Polymer Daystar in Mortdale sell epoxy www.polymerdaystar.com You could also try Dion www.dionchemicals.com and Surfblanks Australia (02) 9938 3300. Don’t know if those 2 sell epoxy but they could certainly point you in the right direction if they don’t.

Thanks Luke

Dions dont supply it, I found out fibre glass international (sydney) supply it .

( correct me if im wrong) but Im getting the feeling not many people here in sydney use epoxy in sydney… well compared to say in the states. It puzzles me cause fromwhat Ive read about it seems like the go!

trythis supplier for sydney

Stephen Smith

Customer Service,

FGI (Brookvale)

14 Clearview Plc

Brookvale NSW 2100

Ph: (02) 9938 7222"

try ATL composites in aus. nosure where there based but im sure they would courier you the resin…ADR resin is great im using it .and it beats any thing from a marine shop…

ADR 246 epoxy with a suitable hardener…Just talk to there tech guys …

i think they even have a one specially for surfboards as well


a 5 litre kit in NZ cost me about $140nz this is enough for three or four sandwhich eps boards as a little goes a long way. i imagine you could get 5 or so boards if you are careful about how you mix …I just do say 300 grams a side and mix a bit more iff i need it.There is very little waste cause of longer cure times .no rush…

make sure you get a resin that cures at room temp.

unless you got a way sorted to heat up lam,

im sure the tech guys at atl will sought you out with just the right system. they probably have allsorts of different widths and types of cloth as well