EPS and Adding tint / pigment while sealing

I no longer glass my own boards but still want some control over the color. And tints or pigments get really expensive when sending out for pro glass jobs. So I’ve been thinking of ways to easily and quickly add color.

What about adding tint or pigment to the RR / microballoons mix for sealing an EPS shaped board?

What about adding tint or pigment to spackle? Will spackle absorb the color the same way RR does?

Painting with an air gun works fine but would be nice to do two things at once and save time.



I've mixed pigment and microballons with RR and used it to apply color to EPS foam with no problems.  I have only done 3-4" wide stripes though and not entire boards.  I went quite heavy on the filler and kept my colors pretty light.  I can't imagine adding color to Spackle..it would never dry...

I taped off the area I wanted to color and pressed the tape down extra carefully, Then I added another layer of tape over the first to help prevent bleeding.

It’s the same as doing a regular foamstain on Poly only with a thicker formula. Leave out the additive F.


After hearing the word foam stain. I did a search for that.


I’d still be interested in finding a way to color spackle. I’m trying to find ways to not use resin.


Acrylic paint works in spackle. However, since it’s white in the “bucket,” it will affect your final color. As in, adding red will make your spackle pink. Just spackle it and airbrush it whatever color you want, it’s really no big deal.

Good luck.

Acrylic paint in the mix should work.Look at the paint swirls on the tint& swirl thread.

They sell colored filler for wood.I think this would work fine.

The colored epoxy bog cost a bit more.Do a test and report.

Have fun,

I have used acrylic or Poster paint to mix with with my ding repair Qcell resin mixture.  I don't see any reason why it would not work mixed with spackle as long as you give it plenty of dry time.  I may try that myself.  Sounds like a good idea!

One of Drewtang’s tips is to thin the spackle with white acrylic paint. I do it on all my EPS, it works!

Maybe try using pigments in powder (as opposed to paste). It works with plaster and the like so I think it should work with spackle. Never tried, though…

Hey Rickrick,

I got this tip from Chachi – http://www.swaylocks.com/forum/gforum.cgi?post=272423;#272423

He’s just painting with acrylics on the foam or spackled foam.

I gave it a try - actually came out OK for 3rd board completed. :slight_smile:

The wifey helped a little with the paint job – this is a “wakesurfer” for her.

First spacked the EPS with Fast’nFinal lightweight…

Then painted the base color directly on the foam / spackle (mixed with a little Future)

Then lammed it up and hotcoated, then taped off the flower design

Painted flower and pinlines

Then the gloss coat (if you buy the acrylic paints do not get any that have the word “gloss” in them - they will crater and fisheye like crazy.

you can add tint & pigment to rr epoxy. just spackel it the same,maybe a little thicker…but don’t add it to the spackel. the pigment will blend with the spackel,but there will be light and dark spots. ET

…food coloring…

maybe…i’ll have to try that. i’ll get back to you. ET

My 2 cents. One of my biggest screw ups was foam staining on EPS with resin/balloon mix. One of my biggest successes was using tempra paint on sealed EPS. You can paint it on with brushes and glass over with epoxy. I’ll post some pics when I get back on my home computer.

If you tint the spackle, even if you get the color intensity you want, you’ll have a hard time geting an even coat and therefore even color. It just doesn’t go on uniformly. Best to paint after spackle. You can get tempra in a powder form to mix with white glue for tail blocks.

I wonder about mixing tempra powder with epoxy? Risky. Might try a little test splotch.

Rick, I have colored a few boards this way. Though it does take a lot of color

as you are mixing with a thick white to get a rich color. Try to use a darker shade of color as someone said red will be pink. Keep the coat thin, building

a rich color builds room for possible delam. You don’t want your sealer to be a bond barrier. Check out my few posts here on Sway.

The orange kite surfboard was done mixing glow in the dark paint with spackle. Turned out nice. Happy hunting to another way.