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I see you have the 3DM machine.

John Yow’s new machine design is really well thought out and it is built solid.

Are you using Shape 3D?


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Our factory has two 3DM machines.  Boards up to 22ft.  Yes, we use Shape 3D.  If you ever want anything shaped let us know.


  Thanks, BlueShedShaping

  Factory : 1(509)851-5117

14 Ft Custom.

At American Surf Industries, LLC we have been using Shape 3D for nearly 7 years. We also use Rhino 3D.

Our machine is a 10’6 3DM. Extremely Strong.

For 16 foot paddle board I would need you to cut some of our designs.

Having the longer cutting capacity is a good call.

22 feet is amazing.


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Hey Mike, once you get my file dialed in, maybe I can do enough boards to order a 20 ft. Boston Whaler knockoff. Even if only in pieces I glue together and strat glassing…LOL.

Bitchen set up!




Blue Shed Shaping


Blue Shed,

Can you ship SUP cuts to CA?




  We can ship anywhere.  Depends on numbers too.  You can call the factory anytime.  Let me know what your looking for.


Thanks, Rob

Factory : 1(509)851-5117


Your CNC machine is definetly state of the art.

John Yow is hands down the best at machine design Plus he surfs at a very high level.

3DM Machines are the best machines made for milling water craft.


I will be sending some projects your way in 2012.


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I can machine a full size hull. We cut in 5 axis. We have a Zystech Full Scale Router.




After reading this thread a few months back, I contracted with Robert at Blue Shed to have a few boards milled from AKU/BoardCAD files. I could not be happier with the service and product he delivered. Robert's pricing is more than fair, and he went the extra mile at every stage of the process. The shaped blanks arrived in immaculate condition after a cross-country, ground freight (my decision) journey. The cutting work is impeccable by anyone's standards.


If you're searching for personalized service and cutting done to a perfectionist's standards, I think you need look no further...




What software does 3Dm routers use? Can they take g-code files?


Hey Doug,


  Thanks man!  Glad you liked the shapes!  Stoked!!!