EPS Blanks in excess of 20 ft!

Just thought I would do a bit of an update on what I’ve been up to at Segway. I have extended the hot wire CNC machine where I can now cut blanks that are over 20 ft long. While this may not be ideal for surfing, it is quite helpful when building paddle boards, and open class paddleboards, sculls, small boats, and anything else you can think of… I can still cut blanks as short as 12 inches as well… The APS 3000 extension out to 20 ft will be complete in about three weeks. waiting on shafts out of Germany… what a pain!, but will be nice when complete. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me… Thanks!!!




“Airplane wings go in the trunk”

20 ft… my god, compsand OLO’s galore!!

I thought the standard block size was in increments of 16’?

I bet you could cut out some 4-6 man EPS outrigger canoe hulls including cutting the insides out with an APS wheel

How much would a 2’ wide by 3’ high by 20’ long block cost and machine into an outrigger hull?

This could create a completely new business line with that an a extra large vacuum bagging setup and post cure box.

Hawaiian outrigger racing canoes take a long time to make and cost a fortune depending on how they are made.

Right now most of the hulls are being cast molded using pour foam

I’d take a reasonably priced large outrigger canoe with dual outriggers over a standup board anyday.


You are correct, that many of the blocks come in 16 ft increments, however there are some mfg that have 24 ft moulds, and can produce blocks 40" X 50" X 24’. Cutting the exterior of an outrigger could be done, but without some major modifications, I would only be able to cut something about 24" high. The width can go out to about 38 inches, and maybe more with some work. (By the way…the block of 1 lb foam that size would be about $400)

Vacuum bagging with a rocker bed would be easy enough, as everytime I cut a blank, I have a new rocker bed! It is my understanding that the class of racing canoes had some kind of weight restrictions. The ones I saw in Long Beach were pretty heavy!

Maybe you should work on some plans! Greg Loehr saw a number of small outriggers when he was over ther a few months ago. I will be there in Aug. and will have to see what the market is like. But you are correct…I hope this opens people to some new ideas and options and cause people to think outside the box!

Keep on thinking!


Geez, twenty feet! What he heck do you do with a 20 footer?

Maybe I should get an extra wide one and make a 20’ long FISH?

Except I guess I’d have to change the name to W-H-A-L-E…


every time there is an increment increase the imagination can soar.

the twenty + length dimension is quite captivating.

what is the ambient weight of a block of foam 30’‘x 24’’ x24’

for example? I ask this to simply determine wether

the frame and plank methodology would have advantages

in large dimensional canoe craft.

…dream scape imagining…

{I think of a plank over job on an old

12’ samoan wooden canoe hull aquired long ago

in apia as a male form bend plank proud over

like 2’’ material and stick stringers twixt an tween

making parabolx comlexes to enhance the strength.

shaping from the big block as with shaping the koa

log leaves a lot of material

to gravity fall

specially when ya remove the interior}

then hand shaping the plank discrepancies away…

twenty + stand up wow…


and now throough this door …

the next dimension!

izzat 1.5 # to the cubic foot

If I try real hard I could make

my rusty math brain cells

to go,but my lazy side always wants to ask…

Aloha Ken:

Sounds like I need to finish my design for the 18’ paddleboard that I have on the drawing board. This would be the way to make that thing. I would also like to design an open ocean SUP for distance paddling.

The question I have is what would it cost to ship such a blank to the islands? Based on my experience with blanks it seems like around $200 - $300 by ocean, unless there was someone getting a container that had a some room in it.

Hmm! I might also be interested in experimenting with some longer guns.



Building an 18 ft blanks is no problem. I just checked on shipping three 11 ft boards to kauai, and it was about $450! Just for the shipping! There are however other options. Either PM me or send me an email and I will give you some of those options. Keep in mind my APS 3000 is capable of shaping that size board if you are interested…


robin I have been fantasizing about some bigger blanx

for some tim the 16’ limit from the hono foam guys

could easily be augmented with a 2’ glue on,

as with the 14’ers I have waiting to shape,

that were derived from the 12’ blanx

a nice 20’ block shipped to nawiliwili

from segway would be a bitchin way to

access theis magnum point of deprture.

I have asked the segway guys about shipping a block

in the past and the price was also prohibitive…

putting together a class racing plug is

a timely cocept as the stand ups

gain populariy.

24’ is just two 12’ billet glued together

the real and overwhelming reality is the production space.

I think the 20+’ board would perhaps take the ‘‘surfboard’’

through the economic pricepoint mirror and deliver the art

of the surfboard into the realm of positive cash flow

and open the door to circumnavigating

islets world wide…

The Queen Charlotte round the island cup!

august 2010

the round Ireland race august 2012

and the round australia marathon2013

the cape horn challenge

back to back with the cape of good hope race

and the suez canal down hill

comprising the tripple crown…1n 2015.

that could raise some international interest

and some serious Yachting interest/investment.

every america cup boat

should have three standups

integrated into the deck plan…

so back to reality

consult when you wanna go in on some 16’

billet material.


what about drop shipping from the factory some o’ that fine segway foam?

would love to taste it…it is said to be superior to

the honolullu stuff…

is the hardware outfit in ewa still

consolidating foam into their containers?