EPS Block Price New England

I contacted some area eps distributors in CT and MA. I was looking for 2# eps 12’x32"x2’ and some larger sizes to build big longboards and or sups. I was quoted $390 for that billet. Does that sound reasonable?

Your pricing seems about 1/3 higher than ours in MN, wondering if you are being charged for a bigger billet and the cuts to trim it to size.

Sounds good to me here in SC. I saw this and wanted to ask have you shaped 2# eps longboards a lot? I am about to shape a log and am really worried about the weight. The blank I glued up is 1.5#. Have you seen issues with eps and weight?

My billets are 12 x 36 x 36. And imported from Arizona into CA.
I think we pay right at 200 per.

How many blanks at 5—5 1/2" thickness do yo figure to get out of that Billet??? Lowel

CHrisMac. I have no problem with weight. Some of the eps sups feel as light as some of my pu longboards. So no weight issues on my end.

I’m going to keep them at 4.5" with a flat rocker. I’m figuring 5. So roughly 80 bucks a blank. Still kind of pricey. Especially if I’m doing all the work cutting out the blank etc.

My current chunk started as 12 feet x 2 feet x 4 feet 1.5#, 250$-ish with tax.
Firs hot wire cut was at 32" down the 4 foot side, yielding 32" x 24" and 24" x 16"
I have gotten (2) 12-‘6" stand-up’s and (1) 11’ surfboard, still have foam for 2 or 3 more larger boards.
Some people prefer 1# on stand-ups to reduce weight, but shaping and glassing can be more problematic on 1#.
I am not a professional.
PS- Flat rocker?!? :slight_smile:

What density are we talking about?

This is the chart from my supplier. 1#, 1.5#, and 2# highlighted in the Density section.

Geofoam makes large EPS blocks for use in construction (highways, etc.). Don’t know if they supply anything in your size range. Does look they can supply large blocks.
They have a manufacturer in Rhode Island. If they make what you need, maybe they can point you in the direction of a construction contractor who uses their product and would be willing to sell a block or two.

Branch River Plastics
15 Thurber Blvd.
Smithfield, RI, USA, 02917
401-232-0270 phone
401-231-3434 fax
800-336-3626 toll free


Love those CNC’ed Marko SUP Blanks. Not really in keeping with the DIY of Sways though.

Stone Thanks

I tried contacting them but they are not interested in selling since I am not a large company and only want a block or two to begin with. I had to contact a few companies in MA and CT.
I’m still doing my homework and seeking additional prices.

Find a local construction contractor who uses Geofoam EPS blocks and see if you can get them to sell you a few.

Yea I have already started to contact some local contractors as well as insulators. Hopefully some will contact me.

I have another quote from a local MA company. only available in these sizes:
2’x4’x8’ $360
2’x4’x4’ $180

They do not have anything beyond 8’
Wonder how strong they would be if you glued horizontally?

Just if anyone in the area was interested.

Heard back from the Company in RI about the Geofoam

1.5#4’x16’x3’ =$479.
2#4’x16’x3’ =$639.