Eps board repair

Wondering if anyone has accidentally tried to fix a fcs plug in an eps board with normal resin, Ive just done and eats the epoxy.
Has gelled Need to top up cavity around the plug, any ideas? Thanks

Hello Matt, sorry to hear about your troubles.
How big/bad is the meltdown? Could you post a picture?
If it is a small spot, maybe some foaming PU glue with universal pigment to match the board. If it was major or an install (new plug in an old or new hole) I would be inclined to take it out, glue in a fresh piece of EPS, remake the hole, and redo the install as you won’t know how bad it melted under the plug.

I have a board with that mistake sitting around waiting for me to fix. Poly resin melts the foam badly, it looks like cotton candy.
Best to pull the plug out, cut out the melted foam and replace it with a piece of EPS then do the plug again. A lot of work, but when you pull the plug out, there will be a big hole that you won’t see otherwise.

Thanks sharkcountry
Will give it a go

We sell small EPS blocks for repairs like this if you need one.


Where are you Matt? If in Australia give us a message and we will sort you with a small block for free just help us with the postage or if on the central coast just drop in the shop and pick it up. Cheers

Slightly spray water in hole then fill it with a mix of pu glue and eps bead, close hole with weight and let pu glue foaming. When it’s cured, instal plugs with epoxy.

Lemat, that’s a great way to do it. I think I’ll use your method for the board I have to fix. The hole is irregular, so this will be easier than trying to cut a clean rectangular block.

Aloha Lemat,
A great way to ‘‘fix’’ the damaged area, and prep it for a re-install. Kudos.