EPS densities

Hi guys and girls from swaylock,

There are a few kind of names for density in EPS as far that I recognized.

Some people say EPS #2, others do say it in kg/m3 and others refer to names such as EPS 15 upto EPS 500.

In Holland, where I live, they only give me the last option. I can order EPS 15 upto 500. I know EPS 15 is used to pack stuff, and it’s just normal Isomo. Some dutch people told me EPS 200 is fine for building boards, and so I wanted to know with what can I compare EPS 200 with. Would EPS 200 be the same as EPS #2 for example or howmuch does it weigh per cubic meter and whatsoever.

The costs for EPS 200 in Holland are about 120 euro’s per cubic meter, and for EPS 300 you pay like 180 euro’s per cubic meter. Out of one cubic meter you can about 8 blanks or so, maybe some more if done correctly up to 6’6" long and something like 24" wide.

Hoping for answers on the question,

Anyone please :)?

EPS 70 15 kg/m³ 0.94 lb/cu ft

EPS 100 20 kg/m³ 1.25 lb/cu ft

EPS 150 25 kg/m³ 1.56 lb/cu ft

EPS 200 30 kg/m³ 1.87 lb/cu ft

EPS 250 35 kg/m³ 2.18 lb/cu ft





So EPS 200 is the same as 30kg per cubic meter and almost #2 if I get you right?

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Yes sorry I didn’t present it too well. Also EPS 250 = 35 Kg/m3 = 2.18 lb/cu ft


Alright thanks alot. So I should be doing great with EPS 200 - 250 I guess, thanks again. You think that EPS 200 will be enough? I won’t build longboards with it, only up to 6’6". Might do longboards and hybrids/guns after, guess I’ll take the EPS 250 for that.

EPS 200 = enough for shortboards upto 6’6"?

WWMark…this was really informative…thanks


depends abit on how plan to build but EPS 150 to EPS 200 is super for boards. Have had good results with stringers, without stringers, 2x6oz, and compsand techniques. If you ever come to scheveningen give a shout, can show you some things.

Ill give you a pm then, was there last weekend saturday morning. No wind, was good for the first few hours of the day till around 11 am.