EPS in central/east coast of florida?

Where you guys buying your blanks? or making your own for that matter?

If you don’t want to make your own, Atlantic Surfoam has the molded fused EPS from US Blanks

(and maybe Marko also?). Call them at 321 259 1508.

I forgot to mention that if you’re closer to St. Augustine than Melbourne, you can get good custom

EPS and parobolics with HD rails from one of Swaylock’s own, Drew at Inspired Surfboards.

Awesome information, how do I get ahold of that guy? any idea on the prices? Im in east orlando, ucf, to give you an idea… dont mind driving really


check out : www.foamdepot.com

Bruce has some cut outline without stringers that you can buy real cheap. Just add your own stringer and your done!

He’s in Georgia.

Hey, Im in NE Florida - Ive got plenty of rocker sizes, and Clark foam standard rockers, for EPS blanks. Colored and custom stringer layouts available. Great Prices! Will ship out larger orders. Great foam.


John Holladay


Custom, and Standard EPS Blanks, Kits, PVC and Basswood stringers.

Thank you both, foam depot seems to ship out of california so that doesnt work for me…

But holliday, awesome prices ill definetly hit you up for regular blanks but drew has parabolics and i cant wait to try them out so I’m heading that direction for now :slight_smile:

Sure thing buddy, havent been doing that many parabolic, mainly because not alot of guys have had any interest here - thusly havent been able to build up a good amount of temps. and outlines for it. But im up for whatever different stringer arr. or custom rockers -Id be happy to work with you.


Fiberglass Florida (Rockledge) has all the glassing stuff you need plus Marko foam, but Skip and Donna over at Atlantic are the best! We bought our foam from them and our glass supplies from F.F. Any of the people at either place are quick to help with whatever you need too. Those are some quality folks I tell ya!