eps,latex paint, future floor wax type question

A girl just gave me a quart of acylic latex house paint that she wants me to paint the board she ordered with. Seem she wants it to match her room. The board is EPS and RR epoxy. Has anyone out there tried to spray latex house paint cut with future floor wax (basically a type of liquid acylic) onto EPS? I usually seal my blanks with epoxy and micro balloons, but in this case should I use spackle? Anybody try this before…results?

Water based acrylic should be fine. I’d use spackle. Unless you are afraid of the creeping evil. Sorry Doug.

Thin it with deionized water from the grocery store (the stuff that goes in steam irons) and keep it light.

Post a pic when you finish.

hehe! I am starting to get through.

My evil plan is bearing rotten fruit :wink:

But seriously, just voicing my opinion. Gotta get reality through your thick heads :smiley: (o)

If you are happy to use spackle you should have NO problems using acrylic paint. The same caveats apply (see sig).

Wanna hear what I’d do? Of course you do!

Paint some on some scrap timber and let it dry. Then take said scrap to a paint shop and get them to help you work out what pigments you need to use to make up that colour (you’d be surprised how happy they are to help out and sell you the pigment, at least here in the wonderful world of Oz). Take it home. Measure out a small test batch of epoxy and fiddle until you get the mix right. then lam up the board and go over it with a clear/hotcoat afterwards if needs be.

Note, if the board’s already lammed/finished you might be forced to obtain some epoxy paint that matches (and they are good at that too).

Pretty simple, really.

Does anyone know if it is possible to paint under the hot coat on an eps/epoxy board. If it is possible what type of paint can be used.


Thin it with deionized water from the grocery store (the stuff that goes in steam irons) and keep it light.

What? That’s why my irons all stop working after a few years…

Yeow. Getting that paint under a hot coat is going to be hard. I’d piant it before you hot coat.

Use DesignMasters in spray cans (art supply stores like Michaels) sprayed lightly. Or (test first) but most water based paints and yes, home depot latex too, will work fine. Actually, I use Tempra piant too (steal it from your kids). Resist the urge to do hand prints on your board. Been done already. But you can press colored macaroni elbow into the foam and glass over it.

Good luck. Please excuse my smart alec remarks. rough day.

Ha I guess I deserved the wise remarks.

Thanks for the info

ps I plan to write the board dimensions in elmer’s glue and sprinkle glitter over it…I don’t have any colored macaroni :stuck_out_tongue:

glitter. cool.

but tempra really works, tapes off nicely. and comes in cool colors.

As for Home depot, they can make any color you want.

all the best.

and no you didn’t deserve my smart ass remarks. thx for laughing, tho