EPS weight (part 2)

[=Black][=1][ 2]Benny gave me the original answer for the Lowes/EPS weight question(thanks B), but I had also sent a question to the Insulfoam guys while I was viewing their site. Got a reply today with a tad more info. Just thought it might help.[/][/][/]

The R-Tech sold at Lowe’s is 1 lb per cubic foot density. We do

manufacture higher densities but those are typically used on commercial

construction. The higher density foam is available via special order at

Lowe’s however you would have to buy more than a couple of sheets.

1"x4x8 (1#) would be 2.67 lbs

2"x4x8 (1#) would be 5.33 lbs

1"x4x8 (2#) would be 5.33 lbs

2"x4x8 (2#) would be 10.66 lbs

Thank you.


Bill Ritchie


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