Erle Pedersen Video

Enjoyed watching this, :slight_smile:

bloody good wasnt it

Crazy good skills. Respect. I didn’t listen to it, but will later today. Thanks for posting this. Mike

No mask, no gloves, no cares.

I think in order to think the way he does, no mask and fumes are required.

Very interesting video , very talented and innovative shaping and glassing , but I still do not understand the reason for the bottom contours , maybe I will have to make one for myself to find out . As to the fumes , it looks like he is working outside with just the roof and two sides enclosed like a car port .

Thanks for posting this.

Good on ya , Zac !

Hopefully now someone here will make one.
(Barry Snyder , hint hint !! :wink: )
Nice to see my brother and his jet bottoms in the movie , too , mate !

Simon still has THREE , and a mate of his in manly still has one too.

I’ll try to post this in an email to my brother , he may be stoked !




maybe he can do another film , showing his amazing fins . It was nice to see a fellow fin maker foiling footage

If you google

jet bottoms by erle pedersen

possibly under


Site : swaylocks

There may be more photos

Also a guy in 1770 , ? Paul Catt ? from memory ?

…he makes even FUNKIER boards. His are sculptures , more , whereas erles are meant to be RIDDEN !


Jick bottoms

too , maybe?

Jick Mcbane (spelling ?) , a mate of earle’s , from america.

He posted here at sways , years ago (before I switched from chipfish61 to chipfins61 , to now being simply fins ! :wink: )


Ben Chipper ,

Sydney ,


(Zac , how about we catch up again , eh ? I can photograph you surfing some of your homemade boards , if you like , mate ? Now we live in long reef , we are only a 20 minute or so bus ride away from you , assuming you still work the same board making place as when we last visited you (?? 15 months or so ago ??)

along with morey, one of my all time shaping heros
good to see him in action
figured it was your brother chippy who made the video

wish i had one or one of jick’s to try before i die
love one of trevor’s boards too

Hi bernie !!

I believe Jick lives in Hawaii…