essentials of surfing

i am trying to expand my knowledge of surfboard design, this book looks pretty good but what else should i invest in. i all ready have the 101 dvds and those are pretty good but i want more.

every day spend an hour reading through Swaylocks.

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The essential thing is to figure out what is essential. One of life’s more interesting cosmic jokes. Is there a book or DVD entitled “Zen and the Art of Surfboard Maintenance”? Swaylock’s definitely has that set of features available. I learn a lot just by reading the posts.

yeah i read in here alomst an hour every day maybe thats why my grades arent the greatest. by far i have learned more in this website then anywhere else, i was just looking to see if anyone had a book or video that helped them along the way. i know that i am a better shapper now then i was on the first few boards and that the best way to learn is to continue shaping. but i want to continue my learning curve and be the best shaper i can be.

I don’t know about that book but these are some great videos…

“The Master Shaper Series” with JimtheGenius at

“Vacuum Bag Board Building” with Tom Sullivan

regards, Brennan