Everything old becomes new again..

Not everything posted on the skurfermag design forum is lemming thoughts…

The making of a bob simmons replica for Hydrodynamica

One of the best posts there in a while…


There’s so much in this design it’s a lesson for all of us…

“original sdeck?”

“original hull concept?”

“original flip nose?”

“original sk8 deck?”

“original small fins placed on the rail?”

“original cut off square tail?”

“original twin fin fish?”

and he does it all in beautiful wood none the less…

Thank god for the hands of Terry Martin and John Cherry being able to recreate us a reminder of what is… usually is just a reincarnation of what was…

For every designer with a crazy idea and ugly “looking(by who’s criteria)” board that got laughed of the beach in their day…

this one’s for you…

I’ve been thinking about the flip nose, seeing how they are almost going out of style with the resurgence of fishes.

I’m not sure, but I think the original flip nose would be those Brewer boards Reno Abellira was riding in the 70’s. But the modern ones probably came out of the East Coast. I remember seeing photos of Bill Hartley with what then seemed like a radical amount of nose rocker and I was thinking, “That’s a good idea.” Now those boards would probably look really normal. Maybe it was Greg?

Richard Kenvin, creator of the upcoming film, Hydrodynamica:

“…we finally got the Balsa Simmons built. Pretty true to spec from John Elwell’s 9’ dual fin. Images are from Thursday (late December 2005)”



check archives for paul gross simmon replicas built some 4 years ago and the 7’4" spencesimmons…

In the east it was Loehr/Hartley. Loehr also built the “chip” pretty early on. Maybe the earliest.

yep , that backhand bottom turn photo , on a 9’ , 30lbs balsa twin fin [!!] is SIIIIICK !

[I guess this may have been the takeoff that set up the turn ?]

… I LOVED the Surfers Journal article on it , and I can’t wait till this film is released on dvd in Australia ! …who knows WHEN ?? [It should be in the Jack McCoy surf film festival , I reckon …it DESERVES to be shown on the “big screen” , for ultimate blow the grommets minds potential ! ]

cheers ,