Excell Foam Blanks... Any info?

I’m about to shape a 9’2 log and the shop did not have the USBlanks blank i wanted so are shipping me an Excell at reduced cost as they won’t have the USBlanks back in for a while. A couple of points have been made about the characteristics of these blanks in searches. Is there anything to know before i begin mowing foam. It’ll be lam’d with PE resin, and intend to paint directly on the foam.

Thanks in advance!


I went though a fair number of these post-Clark and in my experience the foam itself was OK/not too bad (occasionally a puka or two), but you should check the stringer to see if its straight vs bowed (snap a chalk line), if it’s vertical through the blank, and if the glue up is ok (no glue gaps, both sides of the foam glued to the same spot on the stringer & on the same plane).  Sometimes the stringer wood itself is somewhat funky grain-wise, but you’ll figure that out when you get a hand plane on it (try switching directions if its weird).

PS I didn’t use any Excell longboard blanks so not sure how good their rockers are.  Probably good to measure early on so you can adjust if necessary.

hope that helps…

Thanks Keith

If I still can i think i might opt out and take the £££ hit on the shipping cost from another company. I’ve used their foam before and the board isnt for me so figured it’s best to go with what you know!

Excell are hard to find out about!

My experience with Excell longboard blanks is limited to only one, but i’m sorry to say that it will probably be the only one, too. A few months ago, a friend introduced me to Robin Kegel (Gato Heroi) who was in France shaping a few boards. Pretty nice guy, BTW. To make a long story short, Robin needed a few tools that I happily lent him and I asked him if he would find some time to shape me a board. Although he was already a bit late with his orders, he agreed to do so. I wanted something special that I would keep in my “collection” so I looked around for a nice 3-stringers blank and all I could find in my stock at the time was a 10’3" Excell (I had stocked three of them last year -just to try them- and never used them.) Well, poor Robin had to fight with “streaks” and “pukas” and I was just feeling ashamed to have him shape what I call a “second”. Of course, he pulled it out in style:


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Thanks again, Robin. If you read this, the board is being glassed by Paul right now. I should get it back any day now.

Thanks for the insight Balsa. 

I feared this might be the case from the few fragments of info i could find. And for someone who isn’t working in an ideal environment or top precision tools i think i would soon end up with a toothpick! Think i’ll go for a homeblown blank over the Excell. I have used US and Homeblown and 1 south coast blank before and was able to work with them all but the south coast had a twist in it which i didnt notice till the end when the fins were glassed on and it was on the kitchen floor (first shape). the board still flies! 

That board looks sweet though. It amazing what you’re eyes and hands can produce when you know your craft inside out!


Shaped one also. I would not choose it to make a custom board for someone because of the small defects already described. fine for a spec board or just messing with shapes though. The foam dust was tough on the eyes as I remember. I liked the density of the foam for shaping. Cut well.

The marketing on the fibreglass supply website seems to imply that the Excell blanks are constant density like EPS. I wasnt aware this was doable in PU foam.

Thanks for the input tbod, everything much appreciated.


They suck…

There are still quite a few of these blanks around on the West Coast.  Before Clark went down, Walker licensed with a Chinese company know as Excell.  so momentarily after the demise of Clark they were able to ship containers to Mainland USA.  Bascically the same formula as Walker but with all the imperfections and problems of a start-up. MDI foam formula.  I guess everyone now realizes that TDI is more desireable for consistency, ease of shaping etc.  I don't think anyone has bothered or thought enough of Excell to order a full container of blanks since US Blanks and Surfblanks America have come into their own.  Never-the-less there are quite a few of these blanks still around in the back room warehouses of various suppliers   They are definatly workable if you can get them at at a decent price(aka cheap) and work around their various imperfections.  Way better than the "worm holes" of Elova.  On this subject;  Yes I am an expert..

I’ve shaped 3.  No problems on any.  I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another if the price was right.  I still have a cutoff that says Made in China hammered onto the wall of my shaping bay because I think it’s funny. I’ve had hard foam islands in a couple of Clarks and a couple of US blanks. Pisses me off.  I’ve shaped a few Surfblanks Australia and liked the foam.  I don’t  buy them because of comments made on the World Wide Web I didn’t like from the owner.  No, I’m not an expert.  Just a guy goofin off and having fun in my garage. Mike

Mike -----by "expert"  -----I mean expert on seeing mucho wormholes in Argetine Elova  blanks.   I took a couple of Elova blanks to my glasser on Maui.  He got a funny look on his face when I told hime they were more spackle than foam.  Actually he was probably relieved because a lot of gusy were bringing him Elovas with worm holes that weren't filled

Hi Ding,

I might be considered an expert in the use of spackle!  I can’t count the number of times I’ve clumsily bonked a fresh shape feeling it up when finished.

The fin placement numbers you gave me a while back worked quite nicely thank you very much.  Mike