Excuse me Mr Sterne, Mr Spitzer...

Where can I get a copy of:-

Surfboard Design and Construction, by James Kinstle c. 1975 Natural High Express Publishing- Lis Fish, early egg shapes, basic shaping and construction.

I am in Australia and the people in the book shops here look at me funny.

Help! anyone

I, as well as others, have a .pdf copy of it on my website. You’ll need a program called Adobe Acrobat to read it.


Right-click and select “Save Target As”

…I had received a donation of an original paperback copy from a person here in Orange Cal for the first Sways event.

…It worked out that I had won the book.

…Some years ago Tom S. pain stakenly photocopying each and every page for me on my request.

…I remembered that kind jester by giving/sending him the original book I had won.

…The copy was more that enough for me.Ohana, Herb

…ps…I still have your Sways event t-shirt(to the person in Orange Cal.).

A million thanks Sean.

I owe you one…whatever one is.

I got a copy off the internet from a used book site for 8 bucks (us) that included shipping.