exell foam

is this foam still being manufactured and distributed? 

my cousin brought a 6'7 blank back from last september's or january's expo in orlando.  i got hold of it from him about in may and just cut into it yesterday.

this stuff is good!  my experience is limited to clark, rhyno, and us blanks.  but i like this a lot.  it seems closest to rhyno foam, but has a much softer stringer than rhyno, probably basswood or balsa.  crust is very thin, so easier to shape with hand tools.  i haven't found any voids or bubbles in it either.

anybody know anything?  though i don't make many boards, i'd spend my money on more of these blanks.

Try this web site www.kingsurfhawaii.com and down load the PDF catalog.  There might be some contact numbers for the distributors.  I think the foam is okay but I prefer US Blanks better.  Excell made a 10-5 blank that worked really well for me.  My two cents worth.



Excell is from China and the formula is from Harold Walker. Not bad.

I'm with Uncle the US Blanks have really good quaility and the service is very outstanding.

You can alway choose your stringer material. You may like the basswood?

If your doing any classics they have Cedar, Redwood and even custom Tee-Bands.

If your concerned with the rocker US is always spot on.

The foam from US is not the same as it was 2 years ago and the quality is actually better than Clark by todays standards.

EXCELL seconds are out there however I can't take the risk.

Quality first are a much safer approch to board building especially with the high glassing cost!

I can get them for you, cheap, but must order in bulk, or overseas delivery I think their minimum order is a ull 20t container.
PM me for more info.

thanks for the feedback guys. so, that's the walker formula? nice.

as i say, i don't make a lot of boards, so the chances of buying a container or two from china is nil, thanks for the offer anyway.

fortunately, us blanks (and rhyno) are readily available "up over the river" about 10 minutes from the house, so i'll continue to get them.

see ya'll in the water.




I would not recommend excell foam. Surfding is right tho, it is basically Walker formula. The foam is really soft and tends to have a yellow tint. It is really the bottom quality of what is available. I have also seen many bubbles trapped in the blanks. I run a shaping machine and see a ton of blanks. Excell is close to the worst polyurethane blank. The one up side to it is the ease of shaping due to the softness. Not so great for getting a board light and strong tho. US is a good blank, there foam is bright and hard. There rockers are consistent too. But my favorite of late is the new production of Surfblanks America. Its the whitest and tends to be lighter then US by a little. But you cant go wrong with ether. PM me if you need blanks in NorCal.