how do ya’ll keep in shape when not surfing? do you use machines? vasa? do you do yoga? vidoes? yoga for surfers? do you lift weights? do you do ProBodX? do you do a hybrid?

find a way to surf whether its on a skateboard, behind a boat, find a pool to swim in, take your board for a paddle on any water you can find (i assume you dont live near the ocean if youre looking for excercise that is not surfing - if you live even remotely close to the ocean - GO SURFING!) yoga is good also

I’m a firm believer in the idea that one can improve their surfing by doing other types of strengthening and stretching exercises. One of the famous Hawaiian surfers, I think it was Ben Aipa, said, “Surfing is not enough.” Any upper body work outs are beneficial. My balance and paddling power increased dramatically when I started doing a workout with dumbells for my chest, biceps, and stomach. I would encourage using free weights, because they require real-world balance, and don’t give you a false center-of-gravity reference like machines do. Cardio workouts are good too, because they help when it comes time to hold your breath…just in case you wipe out. And stretch, stretch, stretch, especially as you get older…darn it. Doug

I think the two important issues have already been covered. Go surf, go surf, go surf… or paddle if its flat. That will keep your paddle power up. If you’re in great shape for paddling, then hit the free weights. Surfing is an asymmetrical workout, and could lead to injury if you’re an extreme case (though I don’t know too many guys out there that are great paddlers and not otherwise in great shape). Free weights will also help keep secondary muscles in shape… your lats might be ripped, but if you don’t always paddle with long strokes your rhomboids might be flabby. Go out for a super session, or put in some extra juice for that set wave, and your lats might feel fine – you won’t even feel your rhomboids tearing. Just my 2 cents… but I enjoy working out.

Swimming, swimming and more swimming. This is the closes you’ll get to actually paddling. It’s a total body workout that gets aerobic training as well. Be very careful if you decide to weight train because it’s very easy to mess your shoulders up if you train too much, or incorrectly. I use to be a weight lifter, weighed 225lbs, 6’2" with 16" arms but couldn’t paddle for long and shoulders would ache after. Decided if I wanted to keep surfing I’d have to quit lifting and focus on aerobic conditioning and shoulder integrity. I surf 1-3 time a week and have been swimming laps for an hour 3x week for the last four years since I quit lifting. I am down to 185 lbs and can paddle for hours without tiring. Shoulders are strong, yet flexible and painfree. And I ain’t a kid anymore.

stretching is a key.i hate to use this term, but cross training.ride a bike, swim, some work with weights/machines,run,paddle,ride a mat,hike.these are things i enjoy doing so i don’t consider it “work”,but doing these types of things on a daily basis helps keep me in decent shape for when the surf does hit.

it’ll make a…you know the saying i agree per the surfing/paddling blah blah blah how about specifics??? i suggest this: a combo of strength/cardio 3x/week for 60-75 min – lots of balance thrown in there run. jump rope, pull ups, quick steps, dips, plyometrics, push ups, plyometrics, sit ups, paddling emulation, stretch then 3 other days a week do ProBodX – it is ideal for surfers incorporating strength, speed, agility, balance and stretching in a cool easy fairly inexpensive workout my 2 cents (p.s. - don’t use surfing as your workout)

I’m on the Belushi training regimen: cigarettes, little chocolate donuts, and plenty of sleep. Sometimes go for a heavy carb load by drinking allot beer as well. But that’s just me. Always consult your doctor before starting a strenuous training program like this.

I’m stuck in Utah while my wife finishes school, so I know a little about this. I find that free weights, mountain biking, and of course skating and snowboarding are good alternatives. Fortunately Utah has the best snow in the country, and snowboarding in about 2-3 feet of powder feels the closest to surfing. Going backcountry, hiking for your turns, gives you the added bonus of a workout along with the riding. I haven’t been able to surf on a regular basis for about 2 years now, and I still have regular surfing dreams…you just have to keep it alive in your mind.

12 ounce curls. tall boys if i’m feeling a bit mighty

i try to focus on mostly stretching and breathing routines… but i also have a 20 lb handweight, jump rope, and busted skateboard (for balance practice) lying around. Tennis and snowboarding are great too, get you in an ideal shape for surfing; not alot of muscle but alot of stamina…

Actually, there are so many good things you can do. Surfing by itself is not really the best path to follow in the long run. You body will become terribly out of balance. Shoulders really take a beating. Surfing and swimming are all anterior (front) delts. You need to work the anterior (back) delts. Rotator cuff exercises are a MUST!!! You need to stretch the muscles you use and strengthen the muscles you don’t use while surfing. Your core is the most important thing to work on. That and good cardio, whatever you like; bike, run (hurts my knees), Carveboard down a big hill and fast walk back up is my favorite. Swimming is great, but the shoulders take a beating (unless your body roll is perfect). I’d rather save mine for paddling. I’m speaking as a 50 yr. old.When you’re 20 you think your body is invinceable. It lets you know later that it isn’t. I use my VASA 3 days a week and feel it’s kept my paddling at a level that I’m happy with (I don’t ride longboards). Out of the whole thing, yoga is probably the single most important thing you can do. It really comes down to your age and what you’re trying to accomplish at a given time.

brasilian jui jitsu for surf crosstraining

Weight training, swimming, and lung development by running on a track. On the track you jog the straight aways, and hold your breath and sprint the turns. Doing this will give you massive lungs that can handle the low blood / oxygen levels. Let’s face it, it’s not the paddling, and surfing. It’s the getting plugged in 10ft surf when your tired that’s got you worried. I see out of shape guy all the time in big surf, but they can hold there breath for 90+ seconds under stress. Cross train in other water activities, learn to free dive, paddle board, and do weight excersizes that simulate surfing moves with light weight. -Jay

I kill fish, and walk to the liqour store for a tallboy or 32 bottle, but i’m young and stupid; a varient of the Belushi Form. I still agree with the rest about the cross training, and the yoga and the wieghts and what have you, I’ll wait till i’m 25 to start living a more healthy lifestyle. Besides i have the ulimate solution, Bodysurfing, more barrels and plenty of that cardio torture with the added bonuses of sand in your ears and water in yer sinuses.