Experience w/ Formula Fun Fish 5'3" 42L Foamie?!

Hi all,

First post here, so forgive any kook mess ups. Anybody tried the Formula Fun 5’3" Fish foamie? There’s very little out there about these boards, but I really want to them to be good b/c they’re recyclable, have lots of volume for a short board and are made by Marko foam.

Specifically, I’d appreciate hearing about rideability and durability from anybody who’s actually had one of these boards. Also, how does it compare with a Catch Surf Skipper (5’6" and 42Ls)?

I’d be using it on crappy days in socal beach breaks. I’m at beginner-intermediate skill level, 6’ 180lbs.


Thanks so much!

This forum is oriented toward building boards, not the retail user experience.     We do built, not bought.     

With that said, if you’re just looking to have some fun in marginal beachbreak conditions, either of those boards is big enough for you to paddle and surf.    That is, if you can handle the length.  

Of course, our next question is going to be “how do you feel about building your own boards?”.   

After all, it doesn’t get any more custom than YOU picking a design you think will surf the conditions you want to surf in the way you want to surf them, YOU picking the template, the rocker, the thinknesses and volumes and the fin setup; YOU shaping the blank and finishing it off, YOU glassing and then sanding it out.  It’s YOUR logo and YOUR dimensions under the glass, not someone else’s.       You can even make your own fins.   You can learn to do all your own repairs, maybe help out your friends and family with their repairs and their surfboard needs.  It’ll be just like owning a pickup - you can become the go-to for everyone who needs to move.    Make new friends, hit on girls/guys, be the center of attention at parties - It could be a dream come true for you.     Or not.  

If you want to take a swing at it then hit us up.    All the info it takes to set forth on the path of building your own is right here on this forum.   Just add water.   




Thanks for letting me know about the build focus of the forum. I’d love to build my own one day. I’m getting the hang of ding repairs, so that’s my next step!

…hello; do you say that you are almost an intermediate surfer. That is a subjective mention. An intermediate surfer can really surf all the normal surf having a good riding approach (stances; searching for speed; knowing how to read the waves and Sea; performing the adecuated maneuvers or movements to have that speed; etc) so why do you asking about an spongee that will lose all the energy accumulated before you can slide the shape towards the curl searching for more?

Then you mention about volume in liters. Do you think that this type of measuring tells you something regarding the performing of that board? Are you a teenager?

Please forget about liters and height. Those measurements do not tells you anything. Check the curves. Try to understand the differences and the interactions.

Also those liters are something from the sailboards; something from the machine; have nothing to do with surfboards.

Pick up a real board; try to hang out with surfers. Try to meet a real shaper, board builder or crew.

Please, try to maintain this labor alive and well.

Only thing I’d be worried about is the color. Black is a terrible color for a surfboard if you surf in hot climates. There a number of softboard companies out there, you may want one that is not all black. Catch Surf is popular here on Oahu, but that may be because of Jamie O’Brien and Kalani Robb.

Don’t let the negative comments get to you. Anything made overseas or any “soft board” tends to get a lot of heat on Swaylocks.

I am with you, black board is the last a la mode bad Idea. Always impressed of how silly surfer crew can be. So much delam, a guy come to me to repair is two session carbon over eps 900€ surfboard, massive delam under feet. I say him to ask seller about garantie, guy tell him “you mustn’t let it under Sun” hey it’s summer!

I see more and more guys of all level that take lot of fun on foamies in all kind of waves, main thing is they seems distressed and happy.