Exploding surfboards

Excerpts from the Surfermag forum: SURFER: And you also have a position at Surftech? WINGNUT: Yeah. I am the director of marketing and new product development. With all the new shortboard models coming out by shapers like Al Merrick and John Carper and Glen Minami, the thing is just going to explode. These boards are the future–strong, light, beautiful, and designed by the best in the world. It’s just an unbeatable combination. ________________________________________________________________________________ Has Wingnut souled out? No. He just knows where his paycheck is coming from. ________________________________________________________________________________ “the thing is just going to explode.” One more reason not to buy one. ________________________________________________________________________________ Exploding Surfboards Kill Kooks Wednesday, April 2, 2003 Posted: 4:58 AM EST (0958 GMT) SANTA CRUZ, U.S.A. (CNN) --In a surprising moment of candor Surftech?s director of marketing and new product development, Robert ?Wingednuts? Weaver admitted that reports of exploding Surftech surfboards killing and maiming beginning surfers are in fact true. This stunning admission was made in the face of allegations of untimely kook deaths at Cowells, San Onofre and C-Street. When asked about his personal Surftech surfboard Mr. Wingednuts looked at it with obvious fear and trepidation and observed, ?the thing is just going to explode!?

Perfect for crowded days at the 'Bu. Any infidels snake me…BOOM I have a 7’6" Epoxy Al-Samoud model, ideal for big Rincon